Friday, 2 August 2013

Way back at Monday

 Monday, Monday, Monday how long ago you seem.
This Monday saw us welcome two families to Nova. Two mums and their kids.
The week started off with Teacher P teaching the three children and myself taking the adults. We then alternated because both of us wanted to have the kids (sorry mums).
The morning lesson time was shorter than usual and the mums were very quiet but later said they felt comfortable and that came through as the week progressed.
The children were very quiet, our three little mice, giggly mice as it turns out.
Offers of drawing on the white board were somehow communicated during lunch time and then we were off to a flying start for the afternoon with sharing of pictures and a sign being made to decorate our main room for the week.

Teacher P headed home at about 12pm every day which left me as chief tour lady with M2 as side kick. We headed off on our usual Monday excursion, the walk around Cairns tour including Woolies and the Court House Hotel (was a Court House now a bar). The students got sidetracked by shopping in the first souvenir shop they found, home to the interesting shirts back here.

I may or may not have purchased this tea towel with Nova in mind.

Next stop was Devine Gelato, yep it is devine,a bit further down the Esplanade.

Last time I had Mango Sorbet made with local mangos. This time I tried Passionfruit Sorbet, again local fruit. Hmm next time I think I will give in and try the Bailey's one. 

We checked out the Esplanade for a bit even getting to see some pelicans cruising around.


We then got back on track and wandered south to an Aboriginal Art Gallery.

It is filled with paintings, didgeridoos, boomerangs, and other bits painted by localish artists.
The store is a photography free zone unfortunately because some of the artwork is pretty cool. The price however is not so I guess I'll never own any.

It was a beautiful Cairns winter afternoon, perfect for wandering.

Also pretty good for great views from the Nova windows ... ahhh I don't think I'll ever get sick of that view. It is always changing. Oh and there are boats. Small boats, big boats, I like watching boats.
U.S. Navy

Aus Navy

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