Sunday, 25 August 2013

Strawberry Farm Fun

A fortnight ago now (yes, I have been slack on the blogging front) we did our pretty regular trip to the Atherton Tablelands. When we head to Atherton we always pass Shaylee Strawberries a local Strawberry Farm. We always think of dropping by and that weekend we finally did. It was definitely worth it. 

It is only a fairly small farm but they have a great set up that means you can buy farm fresh strawberries along with jams, ice-creams, tea and coffee AND scones with that tasty jam and cream. You can also organise to pick the strawberries yourself if you contact the farm.

 We walked away with two jars of jam

and 1kg of strawberries.

They were sooo tasty

and big

and very few (meaning about 3) were left by the time we made it to Mr Sparky's mate's farm (more on that later, I promise). 

Mr Sparky's mate's classic comment after a taste test was "they taste like REAL strawberries!"

They did, not too sweet or tart and perfectly ripe.

They were sooo tasty that we just had to stop by on the trip back to Cairns and get another kilo punnet and the only reason enough made it back to Cairns to put in with out work lunches was because after a bit of feasting we hid the rest.

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  1. Berries - any type of berry I am a sucker for - enjoy their flavour. Nothing better than strawberry jam and cream with scones or strawberries in yoghurt. YUM
    This farm sounds like my ultimate place for afternoon tea.


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