Thursday, 15 August 2013

How To Park Your Ship

Just in case you happen to own a ship or maybe have one on your wish list here are a few pointers on how to park one at a wharf near you.

First things first you NEED to know that you do not 'park' a ship I believe you dock it or berth it or anchor it or it is moored.

So when bringing a boat in to dock it is aways good to have some buddies to help you out so you better know someone with a tug boat.

But then again where ever you are docking I am sure they will happen to have one on hand just for you anyway.

Well make that a couple on hand. You need a couple to push and pull a ship at the same time.

Okay so what you do is come straight in down the channel. That is the easy part.

Then with some pushing and pulling help for those tug boat mates you do a u-turn in the middle of a channel.

Actually maybe you just sit back and relax and let them do all the hard work either that or do important things like put up flags or something, decorate the place a bit.





Now after that tight u-turn action then it gets fun.

Now comes the real pushing work.

Use those useful tug mates to sidle on up to the wharf.


When you are nice and cosy beside the wharf after your ship like parallel park just chuck out a rope or two to keep you there all snug and safe.



Oh and don't forget to change the flag d├ęcor.

A few Fridays ago I got to watch the Australian Navy dock one of their ships in Cairns. I thought it was extremely interesting. I am putting this up now because it is about time I blogged and I saw a new American Navy ship docked in almost the same place today from work. It reminded me of this ship coming in however after sitting down and getting blog-tracked I couldn't be bothered getting up to get the cameras with the photos on them. Yep tired and lazy, it has turned out to be a busy week.
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  1. Thanks for sharing these photos. I totally get the blog lazy thing. Sometimes it's easier to relax and take it all in, than truly enjoy without trying to capture it.

  2. Love the pics, my two older sons are in the navy so I am wondering which ship this one is :)
    It would be good to see it being docked! I am going to ask my oldest son if he knows this one!!

  3. Just found out this :: "Anzac class ships HMAS Warramunga" ;)

  4. Great pictures! That would be an awesome thing to watch :)

  5. Hi Alice, I was so tired last week from working all day every day something I have become unaccustomed to. I am shocker for having to capture everything so I think I should sit back and just take things in sometimes.

  6. Hi Lisa, Thanks. Wow the way we find out things in this bloggy world. Thanks to you and your son for that info. I saw another come into Cairns port yesterday (Friday) so I wonder which one this is ... actually I think there are 3 in at the moment and one U.S Navy ship as well. It was so interesting having never grown up seeing this kind of thing at fascinates me how they do it all. Thanks for dropping by :)

  7. Hi Kate, Thanks for your comments. Yes it is awesome and interesting and new. Sometimes I think I am attracted to taking photos of the strangest things though ie tonnes of photos of a ship docking.

  8. Awesome photos. Now I have the know how .... need to buy a ship and of course some nice flags!


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