Thursday, 1 August 2013

T-shirt Humour

 When you head into a souvenir shop you expect shirts related to that country or place,
a bit like this ...

but the shop I visited on Monday certainly had some individual ones.

One that gave me a chuckle and after sharing it with Mr Sparky, it is now his favourite.

It also had shirts about the 'typical' Aussie like this ...

And this one is my favourite Cairns one, no matter how often I see the quote on items.

Anyone up for a visit? 

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  1. Interesting t-shirts !!@@?? Who would have known that Bob was a boozer ... hehe

  2. I know ... far out brussel sprout there are some doozies. I always thought there was something in why Bob keeps leaving the 'job' or getting there late and and why he is always so happy when things go wrong ... bad Bob.

  3. Hubby has one similar to the evolution one, except the man on the computer is replaced by a man turning around saying "Why are you following me?"
    I've seen the last one before somewhere, obviously someone I know has been up your way :)

  4. Haha to hubby's shirt Alicia. There are lots of different strange shirts out there. They must have been up here. That quote gets use a lot and still tourists keep coming.


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