Sunday, 4 August 2013

Little Nova Rabbit's Adventure

 Hi My name is Nova Rabbit and this is my little adventure.

 On Wednesday afternoon I got to hang around with some pretty cool Nova staff and students.

I got to go on my first bus ride. There was soo much to see.

I wasn't sure what the place we were going was but I found out it is a huge garden with heaps of flowers to see and places for me to hang. I love hanging.

There were hanging red flowers.

And funny yellow ones too. They look like fireworks.

There were spikey trees from overseas.

And even a snake cactus that looked like a huge pile of yucky snakes.

I liked the pretty flowers the best but some of the trees were soo big.

I needed a rest after a bit of walking so hung out in some shady bamboo. He he I'm a Panda.

Some of the flowers were spikey looking.

 And some felt like plastic.

I liked walking through the garden. It was just like a rainforest. I even got to see the lucky Ulysses Butterfly as it quickly fluttered by.

Oh and I got to see plants that eat bugs, scary, as well as the very delicate orchid.

I was so tired after all that walking that I had to stop for a milkshake at the cafe. Yummy caramel, my favourite. I also got to see pictures of Australian animals from around here in a very cool book that one of the students bought.

I was so tired on the bus on the way back to Nova that I wanted to sleep but I looked out the window instead. It was fun to go on the bus and see the garden. What a busy afternoon
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  1. Your photos have made me want to visit these gardens.

  2. I hope you can one day Jacana because I am sure you would love seeing the many flowers and plants.


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