Sunday, 27 January 2013

Early Australia Day

I like to think that this year I celebrated Australia Day early. For us when we were younger Australia Day was all about community. Spending it at the show grounds with fun, games, iron man competition, fireworks, the awards ceremony and much more. It was about being part of a community and celebrating not only how great it is to be an Aussie but how awesome it is to be part of that community.
When I started as a govie Australia Day faded into the just another day category as I was usually on my way back to work. I gloried in the views I saw along the way to work, the changing country and to me that became the best celebration of this country.
This year we didn't do anything much out of the ordinary so I decided that my not so ordinary day the day previously was much more Australia Day qualified.
To start the day I woke to clearer skies, after days of rain, and a muted reflection of the sun in the life filled wetland out the back. I could see the mountains. It was going to be a beautiful day.
I boarded a plane south and saw glimpses of this beautiful country from the air.
While I waited to be picked up from the airport I appreciated the cooling winds and heavy skies as I sat people watching, seeing the many different types of people that call Australia home.
I was kidnapped by family who took me a little north to one of my favourite places ... the beach.
We are fish and chips while sheltered from the rain.
And then braved the seething, foaming waters for a swim. How I appreciated our 'golden' beaches then; the wind whipping, waves crashing, salt in the air.
I spent my day with family, with those I love, appreciating this wonderful land and what beauty it has to offer in all weathers.
I then got to spend my evening surrounded by many other Aussies celebrating the talent of an Aussie grown man. Can you guess where I was?
How do you celebrate Australia Day?
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