Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Home Sweet Home - The Tour

I thought the early morning rainbow when heading to our new home after dropping Mr Sparky off at work was a good sign for the day, for the first day in our new home.
Out the front of our place.
Front gate to our townhouse.
Front door plastic plants and all. Real ones are on their way.
Looking inside the front door. Excuse the mess hadn't started to unpack at this stage.
The laundry to the right of the front door. Washing machine arrived later in the day and the giant wash-a-thon commenced.
Kitchen area, not huge but there is a little bench space.
I think it is a one bum kitchen, two at a squeeze.
Kitchen and living area looking towards the back of the house.
The living area. As I said not unpacked or put away so stuff is everywhere.
Out the back door we have out own patch of grass and garden. As I have discovered this becomes a pond in the rain.
Looking back towards the house. The pots on the lattice are my new herb garden now. How convenient of someone to leave them there.
Heading up the stairs.
At the top of the stairs is a linen cupboard and the door to the main bedroom. Obviously a lot of putting together to go on there.
At the top of the stairs looking towards the second bedroom.
The main bedroom has a little balcony so we can see out over the back fence to the grass beyond.
The squishy ensuite. This one is definitely a one bum room. The second bedroom has one to.
Air con in the main room a definite must.
The view from the balcony. This as I have found out turns into a swamp or wet land in the rain with birds and frogs galore.
And there is that rainbow.
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  1. Take the rainbow as a good sign. I like the look of your new home. Stairs will keep you fit and the one bum rooms will keep you and Mr Sparky close.

  2. We like it to and I like the idea of having to climb stairs ... good for the butt and legs ;). I took the rainbow as that to and everything just fell into place that day and has been since. It is feeling like home. Home is where the heart is and my heart is here. Even though this is only home for now we are making it our home and thats what I like best.

  3. Fantastic view, waking up to that each day would fill my heart with joy. Love the table downstairs looks like a slab?

  4. It is a good view although very cloudy and mostly wet looking at the moment but I like that to. Yes it is a slab of camphor laurel and very pretty. The heat and humidity combined fills the room with its smell when the house has been shut up.


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