Monday, 28 January 2013

Flooding Rains 1

27th Jan 2013

It seems that I followed the rain south when I headed down to visit family on the Darling Downs. 

Our road around 7am
 Unfortunately for some locations on the eastern side of Queensland the much needed monsoonal rains from ex tropical cyclone Oswald have caused much devastation and damage. For our area however we got off rather lightly with some road blockages from flooding, power outages, lost fences and one lost dam that I know of. We here on the farm despite loosing power for 10+ hours had no damage that I know of other than a water rutted road and gained much with dams and tanks being filled to the brim. We were lucky.

Around 8:30am looking down the back.
Checking out the water near the dams. Dam to the left in the photo.
Going to check out down the back again at about 9am.
A bit of water running down to the bottom dam.
Looking at water running towards the bottom dam.
Looking back towards the house at the water running down.
Water headed for the bottom dam from the paddocks.
Water running down between the paddock and the dams.
Dam number 3 getting fuller.
Water off different soils mixing of the way down hill.
A safe place?
Swirling water
Water heading over the rocks making samll rapids.
The bottom dam looking very full.
Our own little creek heading down to the dam.
Looking back up at the water coming down from the paddocks.
Water flooding the track out into the farm.
The first gully from the farm when heading into town at almost 10:30am
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