Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Gone Tropo

Well it is official, Mr Sparky and I have gone tropo ... oh and yes we are still alive.
You know that Graham Conners' song 'A Little Further North' well I think that's me except I've headed a LOT further north. Actually a lot of his songs are relevant ... okay off track.

 Our new home,Cairns is definitely the tropics.

We've been here a week and a half so far and today I took a look down at the Esplanade with the tide in. I really thought it was about time I made my way down there, seeing as I live here and all. Plus it means I get to share the tropics with you.
(By the way deciding on whether to go for a tropical blog name and leaving my good old Grit and Giggles in the outback. Any ideas?)
One of the strips of 'sand' down along the Esplanade looking North.
I love the look of mountains meeting the sea.
Along the Esplanade is lovely green, leafy parkland.
Some old, dead fern leaves. They look like lace.
Lacy fingers.

The Cairns 'beach' is a mud flat so there is a lot more bird life
than the typical beach.
Can you spot the birds?
Flight across the water.
The port with mountains in the distance.
Tourist business never stops with boats and choppers heading
backwards and forwards to the islands and reef.

A lone pelican.
Just keep swimming.
Looking out over the water.

It is a big change for both of us living in a city but I am sure it will have its advantages, the traffic however is not one of them.
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  1. wonderful news that you are back blogging and all settled in your new neck of the woods.
    I think the name of your blog is great - I can see why you perhaps think you should change the name but it is catchy.

  2. Oh it sounds wonderful! My favourite place in the whole world is Ellis Beach about half an hour north of Cairns if you get the chance you should check it out so pristine and you swim in the water and all you can see are emerald mountains. Very jealous right now :)

  3. @ Jacana: Yes it feels good to be back, I missed it. I am thinking I need to leave the govie side of things on their own but I love my Grit and Giggles so much ... you are right so catchy.
    @ Rural Dreaming: Thanks for the tip, I've never been to Ellis Beach. Be prepared for enviable photos of it when I get there. You'll have to head north and check it all out again.


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