Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Wet

The breakdown of Tropical Cyclone Oswald into a tropical low saw the north get a little wet. On Tuesday (22nd Jan) we woke up to a slightly different looking world outside our fence.
We now back onto a wetland area.
And the back yard had turned into its own little swampy, squishy lake but we were loving the sound of rain and the coolness that came with.
After Mr Sparky went to work and I plodded around the place for a while I headed out for a rainy day trip to find Bunnings (found it) and to get some of our gardening plans started. I came back not very loaded with some herbs, some strawberry plants and a couple of gardenias which we both like to help start making the garden our own.
As the day went on the wetland out the back got wetter and the birds and frogs moved in.
One very cute, tiny green frog made sure my washing drying, well trying to dry, undercover was well guarded throughout the day.
The weather stayed lovely, wet and drippy all day.
I decided to make myself right at home and unpacked my sewing machine, getting to work on an easy quilt for Sis C for the nursery. By the way, no bub yet.
That night we went to sleep to the sound of rain and a rather loud chorus of frogs.
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  1. I love rainy days they are my favourite, sounds perfect


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