Monday, 28 January 2013

Flooding Rains 2

 I think I might do a little over kill on the photos of all the water but what can I say I love watching it and the water makes the area look so different to normal. 

Heading back to the farm at around 12pm the water is now going over the road.
Around 12:30pm I headed back down the back to see what had changed.
A bit more water on the flat than before
A lot more water rushing down into the bottom dam. This is why there was water across the road.
The 3rd dam overflowing now. Water is rushing from the 2nd dam into it.
Looking from the dam bank/ wall towards the house.
Looking towards one of the very soggy paddocks.
Looking at the water rushing into the bottom dam.
Water rushing out of the 3rd dam down to the bottom dam in the distance.
The running waters merging from different directions.
The 2nd dam, looking towards the top dam.
Water overflowing out of the 2nd dam down to the 3rd and onto the bottom dam.
Looking back towards the house from the 2nd dam.
Water in the lane way between the dams and the paddock.
Clear water and murky water merging.
Our new creek has expanded on the way down to the bottom dam.
Water pouring under the fence.
Rapids over the rocks.
Looking back up at the dams.
The river on the road.
Still more to come ...

I hope everyone is staying safe.


  1. Would you like me to send floaties!

  2. Ha ha no floaties needed at this point although a boogie board could have come in handy when the water was flowing. Ooh I just had a great idea floating lounge on the full dam ahh now that could be the life.


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