Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Happy(ish) Birthday!

 Saturday (19th) was my birthday. It was a drizzly kind of day on the Tablelands Farm. I didn't do anything special and Mr Sparky well ... hmmm ... he wasn't in the good books for most of the day.
I poked around with my camera in the morning taking pics of the weather... of the drips.

And pics of the calves. Some didn't care less that I was there but there where a couple of curious ones.
Later on out the window this fellow was spotted grooming himself in the misty rain.
I went to my sisters Surprise Baby Shower (sorry for the unflattering shot) via Skype.
Now that was something I'd never done before.
Here are a couple more pictures thanks to Sis C's mother in law.
There is me drooling over their yummy treats.
And here is one of Sis C and me. She only has one week to go now ... exciting!
I cooked myself a cake ... well I cooked the cake I had bought to cook for Mr Sparky to eat at the farm. He enjoyed it.
In the early afternoon between drizzly showers I found more Rosella's (by the way the bird grooming itself above was a Crimson Rosella) having themselves an afternoon snack in the calf paddock.
I'll post more photos of these hungry little characters in a bit, they deserve a post of their own.
In the late afternoon Mr Sparky redeemed himself and took me for a drive to check out the river and to see if some cherry guavas where ripe.
He then cooked me dinner ... steak and veg.
And there you go another birthday bites the dust.
How do you normally celebrate your birthday? Have you ever had a real fizzer one?
I did get a rather exciting pre Birthday surprise though ... Mr Sparky and I signed our lives away on a rental in Cairns the day before and were handed the keys.
YAY! We have a home now.
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  1. Happy Birthday and congrats on the rental! The worse birthday I ever had was when I had to work at two jobs on the day and the best one was last year when I was on my Honeymoon, I think Birthdays should only be spent with the one you love

  2. I agree birthdays should be spent with those you love. I think that one just about tops the worst list because it was a non event. I have had a few at work but they ended up being the days the animal man/ magician came or some such thing making it very memorable (I worked in outside school hours care at that time).


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