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Cape Capers

View from Rex's Lookout, north of Cairns

 While my visitors where here, my Mum, Sis G and Bro S, we decided to take a trip a bit further north. The plan was to swing by Port Douglas and Mossman Gorge then see where we ended up. We followed the plan, kinda, well parts of it. We some how managed to miss the Mossman part (we ran out of time) and instead went to Cape Tribulation. So I can now say that is the furthest north I have been on mainland Australia.
Bro S and Sis G at Rex's Lookout

Our first stop was Rex's Lookout which gives a chance to pull over and look at the spectacular and changing view off the North East Coast of QLD. Just in the time we where there you could see it change so much while scuds came over the mountains and the sun came through ... it all changed the look of the place.

I love the drive North up the Captain Cook Highway. The road gently winds around the coastline (well maybe not so gently) and gives many glimpses of the ocean meeting the rainforested coastline.

Out next spot was Port Douglas about an hour North of Cairns. We had packed a tasty lunch and ate it in a park at Four Mile Beach. After lunch we went for a stroll. Unfortunately the beach wasn't looking its best, the overcast skies giving the water a grey/brown colour. The stinger nets were up for swimming but we just stuck with having a wander.
A grey looking Four Mile Beach

Looking south along Four Mile Beach
We then went up the Flagstaff Hill, a lookout over Port Douglas. The beach looked way better from up there as the sun was trying to show its face again. There is a cool compass up there showing the direction and distance to many cities in Australia and around the world. Some lucky person who is having a house built just below the lookout are going to have fabulous views but I am thinking the view from the lookout won't be so good once the house is completed.
City location compass

Looking over Four Mile Beach

Looking over the Eastern side of Port Douglas.

We then headed back down the hill to the port side of Port Douglas where the old Sugar Wharf is. There were a few people fishing off the wharf and we watched a boat of reef tourists come in, all waving happily to the onlookers.
Looking out from the Sugar Wharf.

Bro S on the Sugar Wharf looking back towards the Port.

A boat coming in from the reef.

We then got back in the car and headed further north. On reaching Mossman (the town) we decided on a whim to keep heading north and make Cape Tribulation. The road to the Cape means crossing the Daintree River and as there is no bridge it was 'all aboard' the ferry that runs on cables back and forwards across the river. I'd never taken my beasty (car) or 'The Bull Catcher' as Mr Sparky calls it (has something to do with the bull bar) on a car ferry before so this was a new and exciting experience for us all. I think Bro S and Sis G got a thrill out of the river crossing just as I did.
Crossing the Daintree River on the ferry.

When we drove off the other side of the ferry it was into lush, wet rainforest; the Daintree Rainforest in fact.
Driving through the Daintree Rainforest.

After cruising along another piece of road the delved into the rainforest, crossed creeks and touched the coast giving glimpses of the water we made it to a very wet looking Cape Tribulation. Well we made it there after we made sure we drove to the end of the bitumen before going back to the Cape. It was certainly a dreary day to adventure there and I am 100% positive it is a beautiful sight on a sunny day with the green of the rainforest meeting the clear blues of the water.
Cape Tribulation Beach looking north

Cape Tribulation Beach looking south.

Where the forest meets the sea.

Bro S, Mum and Sis G walking along the Beach at Cape Tribulation.
I personally would love to head back to Cape Tribulation and see it on a fine day. I also think I better make my way to Mossman Gorge.
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