Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tableland Travellers

On our second day looking around I took Mum, Sis G and Bro S to the Atherton Tablelands for a very brief look around. Leaving Cairns in a leisurely way, meaning way later than planned, we were a little short on time to check out too many sights. To get there we went up the Gillies stopping at Heale's Lookout to take photos of the view.

Looking out from the Gillies Range.

The Gillies Range.

Our first stop at the top of the range was Lake Barrine. Now Lake Barrine apparently does a great Devonshire Tea according to Mr Sparky's Grandma. We didn't give it a go (nearly lunch time) or the boat tour but we did check out their little display explaining how the lake was made (it is a crater lake made in a volcanic crater) and checked out the enormous Bull Kauris Pine Trees.
How Lake Barrine was made.

Bro S posing with a Cassowary ... statue.

The water at Lake Barrine is so clear you can see the bottom.

Lake Barrine

Walking at Lake Barrine.

Bro S posing with the Bull Kauris

Bull Kauris, largest of the Australian pine trees, over 45m tall and 6m in girth.

A Bull Kauris

The further we went into the Tablelands the wetter it got to the point that it was raining VERY steadily by the time we made it to Millaa Millaa Falls. I chose this destination on the request of Sis G who wanted to see a real waterfall. This is the best/ biggest one that is easy to get to in my opinion. There are some other pretty and bigger ones but they require a bit of walking and more often than not some friendly leeches.
A very wet Millaa Millaa Falls

On walking down to the bottom of the falls a baby black snake crossed our path making us freeze in our steps, on the steps, to let it pass. Sis G didn't want to take the lead after that.
Millaa Millaa Falls

Thank goodness I packed the umbrellas as this meant we could take photos and look around without getting entirely soaked.
Raindrops falling in the water.

Millaa Millaa falls among lush, green rainforest.

There seems to be a waterfall falling on my umbrella.


Sis G checking our Millaa Millaa Falls.

We then backtracked to the town of Millaa Millaa and grabbed some chips from the Rumours Cafe. Not only did they warm our fingers and tummies but they were YUM. The cafe has held the name of being the 'worst' cafe but with new owners it seems its notoriety will change. We then headed on through Atherton and quickly stopped at the lookout, Halloran's Hill. At the moment there is plenty of crops in around the area with paddocks of corn everywhere.
Looking out at some of the Seven Sisters from Halloran's Hill.

The farm land around Atherton from Halloran's Hill.

Halloran's Hill Lookout.

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  1. Now this place looks just amazing and so green and pretty. Love the picture of your brother with his umbrella and the waterfall in the background - very clever.


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