Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Scones

Who doesn't love a steaming fresh and tasty scone? I love mine with golden syrup and cream. What do you like on yours?


3cups flour
90g/ 3tbsp butter
1 1/2cup milk
sugar (optional for sweet scones)
salt (optional for savoury and sweet scones)


1. Heat oven, scones need a hot oven
2. Grease a baking tray (I either use baking paper or rub with butter and spread with flour by putting a little in the tray and moving it around until the base of the tray is covered.
3. Sift flour (or not) into bowl
4. Rub butter into flour with finger tips
5. Pour nearly all of the milk in keeping some for glazing (if mix is too dry add more milk)
6. Mix quickly into a soft dough. I use a butter knife to do this as the trick to scones is touching them as little as possible, keeping the mix cool. (if the mix is too dry add more milk, too wet add more flour it should feel soft and fluffy and a bit moist and have come together).
7. Flour a surface like the bench or a board and turn mix  and kneed lightly (I just kind of lightly squish it together and flatten a bit into right thickness)
8. Roll or press out to a round shape about 2cm thick
9. Cut into circles using a round cutter or cup. Flour it so mix doesn't stick.
10. Glaze with milk
11. Cook quickly in a hot oven around 200 to 260 degrees Celsius
12. Cool

Pumpkin: Use some precooked and cooled pumpkin around a cup or more. Mash it and add to the scone mix before the milk. Only add enough milk to give the scone dough the right moisture. I like to add cinnamon as well
Sultana: Add sultanas to the mix
Ginger: Add chopped crystallised ginger to the mixture.
Cheese: Add cheese to the mixture and herbs of choice for flavour

What flavour scones do you like?
Fresh pumpkin scones
 This recipe is an adaption of one from The Commonsense Cookery Book. I just make it up as I go these days but remember to not touch them too much and work them too much once the milk is in otherwise you will get rock cakes rather than scones.
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  1. We've just come in for smoko after spending the morning drafting cattle. I wish there were some pumpkin scones in this house :(

  2. I love pumpkin scones, I tried to teach my husband once to make them and he worked the dough way to hard and after tasting them our household called them Aunty Roy's Dry Desert Scones. They were so inedible, he has never made scones since. Was a good laugh all the same.

  3. @ rockysprings ... wish I was drafting cattle ;)
    @ Liz ... haha bet that was interesting. I've always loved scones but Mr Sparky started us on the pumpkin ones. He makes them when he wants them and no one else will. Secretly I think he likes baking.


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