Sunday, 14 April 2013

Grow a Revolution

I found this picture/ slogan on facebook, one of the many weird and wonderful things that pop up every day.
I had planned on throwing up a few photos of how our vege and herb garden are going and well this just fits.

We have a not very big patch of garden to call our own and to date we have harvested herbs quite often and 4 cobs of corn. Yes, we are growing corn in a Cairns suburb. It has been a bit hot for most things until very recently so there has been a lot of miss rather than hit with what veges have grown plus we have sure whacked the garden with a fair bit of fertiliser to give plants a chance. They are getting there and the weather cooling is making a huge difference.

In pots on the fence we have mainly herbs with mint, parsley, basil and chives the main ones I use. We also have some seedling tomatoes that have just come up and some capsicums I just planted. I can't wait for those ones to bare.

Tomato seedling

Newly planted parsley, the parsley has struggled with the heat.

Capsicum seedlings


Mint, this has really taken off with cooler weather.

Basil, unfortunately something loves my basil.

In the ground we have a few squash plants and some cucumbers along with tiny carrots, some more tomatoes, beans, some radish, I believe some turnips and corn. The lettuce we planted didn't get far but we'll try it again along with some snow peas and other bits and pieces. Every bit count and it makes us feel a little more rural.

Squash flowers

Little squash growing.

Flower on a cucumber plant.

The vege garden. Corn near the fence and another newer row coming up beside them.Beans at the other edge, carrots growing near the front and cucumber and squash at the back.

We also have strawberry plants in pots out the front. I really can't wait for something to happen with them, yummy!
Drippy strawberry leaf.

Just goes to show that anyone, anywhere can give growing veges a go and the huge plus is that anything you grow means a bit less on the food bill and what a tasty accomplishment it is to grow them.
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  1. To help get rid of your bug problem Anne get some chilli's ans a full clove of garilc boil then in enough water 1cup and 1 cup of Milk I cut chilli's up and crush garlic before adding to milk/water then boil till soft, run through a blender till nice and smooth so it will go through a spray bottle you may have to add more liquid, it works and keeps all pests away with out hurting birds/animals.


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