Thursday, 18 April 2013

Chocolate Pizza

So I am pretty sure that after reading the title you are shaking your head in disbelief wondering what the heck I am on about, Chocolate Pizza ... hmmm.

Well this brings me to the last little part of our Tableland Touring and that is Mareeba, the Coffee Works to be exact.

Yes, I am getting around to the Chocolate Pizza.

Now it turns out that to have a tour you need to be there before 3pm, which we weren't unfortunately. On a tour you get to taste test all the coffee, chocolate and liqueur you can handle. Can you see why we wanted to do it. Anyway despite that disappointment we still got to have a look around the gift shop, smell the wonderful aroma of coffee and check out the Chocolaterie and taste test some yummy and different chocolates.

Now here come the Chocolate Pizza bit ...
We were looking around the little chocolate shop and what did we spy but Chocolate Pizzas all packaged up in a Pizza box as well.

There were all different types some light chocolate some dark topped with dried fruit, nuts and more chocolate. Decadent.

I think I could try this at home. Now what topping would I put on it?
What topping would you put on a Chocolate Pizza?

 Now it was Mr Sparky's brilliant idea to send us trekking to The Coffee Works but he had ulterior motives. He wanted coffee, Australian Gold coffee to be exact. Well after we all looked around that is exactly what he got a 500g bag of fresh Australian Gold Coffee. Now that was a nice surprise for him when he got home from work (refer back the the What a Week post for why).

Now not only did they have local Coffee and Tea inthe gift shop but had some other neat little goodies like the chocolate and like liqueurs. They also had signs and knick knacks and some of my favourite, the Australian themed tea and coffee wares.



Now that was the end of our Northern adventures with my Mum, Sis G and Bro S. Unfortunately they flew home the next afternoon but that wasn't before I managed to get some work out of Sis G making her help deliver catalogues. They also got to meet Mr Sparky's sister and her partner and their baby boy who I was going to see. Then they got to swing by the DFO in Cairns much to Sis G's delight.
They are planning on coming up another time so see more and spend time and hopefully I get to head down that way soon for a quick visit.
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Check out the Coffee Works' web site:


  1. YUM - my 2 favourite food groups - not too sure about putting them together though!
    Thanks for linking in today

  2. Oh what a lovely store!
    Chocolate pizza is my idea of Heaven! How about chocolate, salted caramel and peanuts? Mmmm!

  3. Sounds like a great place to visit. We have pizza nights at my mums, we have tried a banana and choc chip one, was good! The base sauce is just cream cheese(mascapone if you have it) with some icing sugar mixed in. This is just as awesome with strawberries instead of banana :)

  4. Jacana the good thing about these pizzas is they are all chocolate well except for the extras in the toppings.

  5. Kaz that sounds like a great flavour chocolate pizza ... yum. I think maybe a ginger and cashew.

  6. Alicia we used to make caramel apple crumble pizzas using a pizza base spread with caramel, topped with apple then topped with crumble topping. Another way I have had it is with custard instead of caramel. Yummy.

  7. Sounds like a lovely place to visit but the trouble is that I'm fat enough now, to visit this chocolate shop would only make things worst :)


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