Thursday, 11 April 2013


On Sunday morning I picked up my visitors from Cairns Airport.
They thought it was a little warm outside after the cooler temperatures on the Darling Downs and sighed with relief when they entered my air conditioned car. That's about when I informed them that this wasn't hot, they should have been here a couple of weeks ago.

Looking north towards the airport from the Esplanade.

The first thing we did was head down to the Esplanade while there was a bit of sun around so my two younger visitors Bro S and Sis G could have a look at coastal Cairns as this was their first trip this far north.

We soaked up a bit of sun while I was told tales of the wonderful in flight service and how Bro S didn't want to waste time sitting in the pilot's seat when there was me to visit. I hope he got to try it on for size on the trip back. He loved his first ever time in a plane despite telling Mum several times that they should drive. 'Ha ha no way' was her opinion. Sis G also loved the flight although her and Mum were disappointed with the cloud cover for most of the trip.
Watching the air traffic from the Esplanade, always busy.

I'll get around blogging about the travelling we got up to during their short visit despite the wet weather along with the other busy things happening around here.

'It doesn't rain, it pours' is definitely the case this week in more ways than one.

Totally loving family visits.
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  1. Hoping they had a great time away and you enjoyed their visit xx

  2. Thanks. They did (I hope) and I loved having them but it was far too short.

  3. How wonderful to have your family visit. Looking forward to hearing about what you got up to and were you took them

    Thanks for linking in this week.


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