Monday, 1 April 2013

Happy Easter

 Happy Easter to all!
I hope you all enjoyed your day however it was spent. Ours was quiet and non eventful but it was a beautiful clear day and we even got to watch the sun come up over the hills.

So here is our Easter through my camera's lens with plenty of parts missing like the spraying weeds and helping put up a wall in a shed, all the exciting things.

Mr Sparky's Easter spoils.


Easter for me is a time for family, for being thankful. I heard someone say that it is a time to reflect on the good things you have in your life but not the material things. I have to agree.

Growing up and even now my family has many Easter traditions like the family Good Friday lunch, hot cross buns for breakfast, a seafood dinner after a day of feasting, an early morning worship at church on Easter morning, hunting for Easter eggs that have been hurriedly hidden before the younger members arrive home, giving blocks of chocolate, eating chocolate, tasty food shared with family and generally relaxed time together.

Misty Morning

Tasty pumpkin scones for morning tea


As a child I remember the excited sneaking to see if we could spot eggs, the hunting around every crevice in my Grandparents house for eggs, feasting on chocolate before breakfast and always sneaking more when told that is enough. I remember the lovely lady next door hiding eggs around her yard for us. I remember sugar filled fun.

Cows hanging around after milking.

This Easter was lacking in traditions for me. I guess Mr Sparky and I haven't developed any yet and without the infectious joy of children around to give excitement to the holiday I guess it is hard to start them. Maybe we will start a camping one or a farm one or who knows.


A beautiful clear day

A yummy lasagna for dinner.

What traditions do you have for Easter?

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  1. Have fun creating your Easter traditions. I think they evolve over time. We always spend Saturday afternoon making nests for the Easter eggs to be left in whether we are at home, at Granny's house or camping :)

  2. Yes Kate I think they do evolve over time and change as family dynamics change. Making nests sounds fun and it is great that you do it no matter where.


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