Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sunrise Wanderings

I watched the sun rise on the 1st of April, Easter Monday. It was a beautiful, refreshing start to the day. What is it about sunrise that refreshes you,  clears the mind, makes you feel at peace with the world? Maybe it is the freshness, the reminder of a new day, a new start, a clean slate, maybe it is the colours and the peacefulness.

Mornings are getting cooler on the Tablelands. They are slightly cooler in Cairns to but they don't have that Autumn nip you get up in the hills that reminds you that winter is coming.

Mr Sparky decreed it was the perfect time for a 'romantic walk', his words, and I have to agree it is the perfect time to wander and enjoy the peace of the morning as well as slightly chilled toes.

The dew is getting heavier hence the slightly chilled toes making us think that frosts will be on there way in the near future. The dew lightens colour of the grass and sparkles in the sun.

I find sunrise on the Tablelands and in Cairns very different to the sunrise out west where the land is flatter and the sunrises huge. In Cairns unless you are on the water front you miss it for the buildings and trees. On the Tablelands it is the magnificent, towering hills that get in the way. It is the same for sunset except it is the hills in the way for both places.

I love how fresh everything looks in the early morning and what the golden morning light does to the colours of things.

We walked up the lane way which is how the cows get from the paddock to the bales for milking. We came across a few very good ladies who were already making their way down to the dairy. They were a little unsure of our company walking the opposite way but after a few uncertain looks they went on their way, some tentatively and some at a run.

The further up we went the better the views got. It was like being on top of a beautiful fresh world bathed in golden light.

There was mist in the valleys and creek beds and although that happens a lot of the year up here it is another reminder of cooler weather to come when it with thicken and cover more land in its mysterious cloak.

Do you feel refreshed now?
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  1. Magnificent photos. Definitely feeling refreshed. There is something special about seeing the sunrise.

  2. Thank you! I do love a beautiful sunrise they are special.


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