Friday 30 December 2016

Christmas Day

Our family Christmas is, in a word, chaotic. It is however, a chaos we enjoy. A business full of fun, laughter, silliness, craziness and togetherness.
This year we came to the end of a long and lovely day feeling that it had been a good one. No drama, no meltdowns (unless you count the 3yr old who hadn't had a sleep) and plenty of everyone getting in a helping out so everyone could enjoy the day.
What was going to be Christmas with 14 turned into Christmas lunch with 18 and a very nice group it was, filled with plenty of giggles (and not just because of the grog because most of us were stone cold sober).

Of cause, Christmas Eve left us in a flurry of present wrapping while watching carols on t.v and impatiently waiting for a certain young sir (bro S) to go to bed, so that his stocking could be stuffed and final gifts wrapped. It seems to be a bit a tradition, this last minute wrapping.

I woke up early Christmas morning, as I had been doing every morning. Just in time for sunrise.

A quiet start to the day, after less than enough sleep. It was perfect.

Breakfast had by all and a rush to get out the door for a 7am service. The early Christmas service was a good way to start the day, presents could happen after instead of being rushed before. It was good to have a quick catch up with everyone too, it has been a while since I've seen them.

Back at home we squashed into to lounge room and waited, now that everyone was there.

Waiting is hard when you are 3 and 1.5 years old. My nieces were brimming with excitement and so was bro S. Well honestly, who isn't early on Christmas day.

Then the present opening and copious amounts of paper being strewn around happened. Actually, we have the paper thing down to an art, although this year required a grain bag rather than the normal washing basket for collection.

Gifts were given and faces watched for reactions, we do love the act of giving gifts around here, as a adult it is my favourite part (although the receiving is pretty great too).

Everyone scored well and I hope they all enjoyed their gifts. I know I did.

Then it was time for morning tea, the Christmas cake, a bit of a relax and the putting together of gifts before lunch preparations were started. The extra 4 arrived, another Aunt and Uncle along with cousin and Grandfather. Salads were thrown together, punch mixed and the table laid. It was ham (both baked and fresh), roast chicken and roast beef all round with whatever combination of sides you preferred. Food was passed up and down the table, conversations enjoyed, laughter and teasing and of cause bellies too full, especially once the trifle and plum pudding were devoured.

An afternoon of catching up, chatting and plain old silliness kept things mellow and light. Kids on the trampoline and adults playing with plastic jumping frogs that came in the bonbons. Some had naps and some did not. We had a few showers come across during Christmas lunch so the afternoon was pleasant and not too hot. The extras left, bikes were ridden, pigs fed and piglets played with. A dinner of leftovers was prepared and then everyone headed home for a early-ish night with smiles on their dials and that feeling of family belonging.

It was a lovely Christmas, especially as it was my first home after 3 years of not being able to come.

I hope your Christmas was a great one too!

Tuesday 27 December 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!
(talk about being a bit behind the times)

I hope your Christmas has been filled with fun, friends and family and that the joy, love, peace and hope of the season has flowed through your life.

After a busy lead up to Christmas I am enjoying some time with family, down on the family farm.

This has certainly made Christmas this year sparkle. I hope yours has been glittering too.

Obviously these photos aren't from the family farm.
One day earlier in December I was up early enough to do a sunrise run (not really a run) down to the Esplanade to see the huge Christmas tree in it's place near the Lagoon.

It was a peaceful kind of morning with not many around. It was interesting to look at the decorations this year, I think some had been hand painted with things from the region. It was also a good time to take photos of those fish as the Lagoon was closed for cleaning.

It wasn't just the Christmas tree being all showy, the rainbow shower trees had their pink and yellow on for the start of summer.

Pretty natural decorations.

It was certainly nice to wander in the early morning quiet.

This year didn't really feel that Christmas like to me, especially in the lead up, but heading down to look at the tree did turn it up a notch.

Being able to spend the holiday surrounded by family has certainly made it feel a lot more like Christmas to me.

I hope you've had a wonderful time wherever you've spent your festive season.