About Grit and Giggles

Grit and Giggles is about the Grit - the messy stuff and the Giggles - the fun stuff of life.

Grit and Giggles started off as a way to share with family and friends what I was doing as a governess to 5 children in remote outback Queensland and turned into me sharing with others about station life and what a governess on a cattle station does.

I blogged about doing Distance Education, school activities, educational and not so educational activity ideas, the things that are part of being on a cattle station, about the animals, the wildlife, the landscape and the kids antics. I also slotted in bits about my holidays, the farm my family own on the Darling Downs, things I did and places I went, my travels, little problems I got myself into and my coastal time in the north and further south just to stay in touch.


The end of 2012 was the end of my 4 year governessing career for the foreseeable future. I met a lovely man from up north, Mr Sparky. After a year apart, me governessing in Western QLD and travelling 5hrs to see him and him working on the Tablelands, travelling 4hrs to see me we packed it in on the long distance relationship and both moved to Cairns because that is where he got work.

This is where Grit and Giggles is now, a mixture of past life in the bush and present life in a city of the North. I never thought my life would end up where it is but I am happy with where I am, where we are and the plans we are making for the future. We hope to get back to the land permanently one day but for now there will be tastes of the cool greens of Mr Sparky's parents dairy on the Atherton Tablelands, my tips down south to visit family, hopefully trips west to visit the station all mixed in with the lush tropics and city living. 

Grit and Giggles is filled with photos of my experiences, snippets of my life, memories and things that interest me. I hope you enjoy the Grit and Giggles journey with me.

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