Wednesday 19 July 2017

3 months on

How many times can you say that you can't believe that much time has passed before it sinks in?

Our cheeky little possum has been a part of our family for 3 months now, clicking over to 3 months old on the 6th of July.

It seems like such a milestone but we started the day as normal, and the rest of the day went per "normal" to be honest. First was the pre sunrise feeding and hanging with Dad before he went to work. We then headed off on our morning walk.

It was a gorgeous and relaxing start to the day, we love getting outdoors.

Liam is always set up with his toys which he plays with more and more. He usually checks out the sky and anything else he can see before dozing off.

I, of cause, am always set up with my camera, which Liam likes to use as a foot rest.


It is good to get out and about, checking out the area we now live.

I can't really believe he is that old already, that he has been in our lives that long already.
I feel like our baby is growing at a rate of knots and that if I blink he won't be a baby any more.
We have so much love for this tiny human in our lives and so much amazement watching him grown and learn.

 I feel like things are certainly easier and the newborn days are definitely gone. I miss those first weeks already but I certainly enjoy getting sleep now. I know we will have many more challenging times of teething, sickness, tantrums and who knows what else ahead but this certainly seems like we've made it through the hard slog, for now anyway. I guess it is getting sleep that gives me that opinion but he really is a mostly chilled little man or maybe I am just very good at forgetting the screaming and unsettled times. I'm just going to enjoy this rhythm we seem to have fallen in to. Mind you the other day I had one of those 'I wish I was at work' moments. I'm really not sure what to do with myself.

Our little cockatoo has certainly found his voice, being just as noisy as the birds that his hairstyle mimics. He is just on the edge of giggling, I know one day it will just start. He startles easily these days, any strange or loud sound sees his bottom lip drop and body tense up. Raspberries and making noises and bubbles in all that dribble is the way to communicate these days. We certainly know who is boss in our house at the moment. In saying that though, he still goes with the flow.

These days Liam gets a little excited when Daddy gets home and is usually happy to see him, with smiles to share. He also gets excited when we say bath and when he gets completely undressed. Bath time is always fun and there is a lot more splashing these days and just enjoying the feel and noise of the water. He also loves our morning walks, well I assume he does. He is very relaxed during them and has a little nap. 

These days the hanging toys are a lot of fun and are whacked, grabbed and pulled into his mouth. His hands and fists are another endless source of entertainment and comfort. He is often seen sucking on various fingers and his thumb or trying to shove the whole fist in his mouth. He is certainly gaining more control over his hands, grabbing things that are near him and most recently trying to bring them to his mouth. Tummy time is also more interesting, his little head sitting up high, looking around and doing occasional rolls over when he feels like it. He still loves that knitted clown he was given and these days loves the little, brightly coloured koala that is usually hanging in his pram. Feet are also apparently a fascinating thing and when he realised they were covered up in his suit the other night he spent ages staring at them, I swear trying to work out where they had gone.

I can see him changing, growing and learning all the time. He is such a copy cat and such a personality.

Not only has Liam been on his first flight he has now been on his first camping trip. I feel this kid will certainly have seen a lot when he has finished his first year. I can't wait to experience more with him and share his amazement at this whole shiny, new world  ... and to blow more raspberries on all that chubbiness.