Thursday 7 June 2018

Sunny Sunflowers

On the way back from picking my Mum and brother up from the airport (way, way back at the beginning of April) we made a long detour and checked out the sunflowers starting to bloom at Freshwater.

The same paddock had been planted with sunflowers about 6 months earlier and I had visited them closer to the end of their blooming.

I don't know whether they were replanted because they were so popular, or because they were doing a good job replenishing the soil or just because the farmer was filling in time until it was the right time of year to put it back under sugar cane.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter, maybe it was all of the above. The flowers were certainly well visited and photographed. As Mr Sparky would say, everyone was "wearing their image out".

We had our turn among the flowers, enjoying their brightness along with the novelty of it and the time together.

I hope you enjoyed a bit of my brightness in your day.
Oh, and I can't believe it was only that long ago that our Little Possum was just finding his standing legs. Today he was walking around the house after me. So much they can learn and so quickly.