Friday 31 July 2015

Wind and Waves and Knobbly Knees

Wednesday morning saw me walking Palm Cove beach in the whipping wind.

The last time I was at Palm Cove was with work in January. Now lets not talk about the lack of that job happening at the moment. Rather frustrating to say the least.

 Then I was there in March last year. I think I need to visit a little more often.

Actually, I would love to go and visit some new places, see something a bit different around the area. I have a list. I should write it down because I kind of forget what is on the list.

So while driving to Palm Cove, bright and early, they did announce a wind warning for the benefit of anyone planning to head out in their boat. So it was no surprise to arrive to a wind whipped ocean.

There were actual crashing waves and foam and backwards flying birds. Amazing.

I was determined to capture some good crashing waves. You should see the number of photos I took, agh!

 Because of how many pics there are, I'll let you just wander through them and along the beach and pier with me.

Welcome Swallow

Hard work flying.

The best place to be on a windy day, with two feet firmly on the ground.

Paparazzi, YAWN!

Knobbly knees