Saturday 10 November 2018

18 months

Now that our little gremlin is 19 months old, here is a view into what he was like at 18 months.

When I asked Daddy what you were in to he replied "he's into everything, that's what he's in to." And to be honest, that about sums you up, our ragamuffin. If you feel comfortable, you'll give anything a go. You love watching older kids play and try to join in with them. If Daddy is doing it, you are of the opinion that you should too.

You have very set ideas about how things should go and really don't like it when we disagree with your way of thinking. Tantrums are a multiple times a day occurrence and mummy sometimes has to remind herself that is mainly because you find it hard to communicate. You are slowly gaining more words again. Tractor, train and plane are favourites. You yell out train or plane whenever you hear one and all trucks are called trains as well. I am pretty sure you say tiger, which is your favourite soft toy, along with little koala. You also occasionally say yes in answer to a question and sometimes I swear you say your own name "Niam" (Liam). You seem to have your own language going, chattering away in gibberish all the time. You also have very expressive facial expressions, they are hilarious and the experimenting with the noises your mouth can make, is another fun and funny one.You sign finished and say either that or done when you have had enough to eat.

You love music and know the actions to some some songs (I'm not sure how many as you surprised us with the complete actions to 'open, shut them' just tonight). You have your favourite songs but they haven't changed much recently. You love anything related to vehicles or wheels, you are obsessed, often carting various cars and trucks around everywhere. You love playing with daddy, pretending to to things with the toys like putting them to bed or making them drive. You also love playing going on a bear hunt. I think you might just be daddy's boy.

You will often find something to play with and just play for ages, like the blocks or your stuffed toys. You absolutely love books and will read them to yourself. You love climbing up on mummy's lap with a book for her to read to you then you read it as well. Outside and the chooks are still your favourites and you are often seen carrying a chicken around the yard. Tomatoes are no longer your favourite food, I'm not sure what is, but you love yogurt, ham, pasta, rice, corned beef, rice crackers, bananas, strawberries and pears. You have all your teeth for your age, and have done for quite a while (2 year old molars are next).

You have a massive personality, a temper to go with it and so often you just look like you are bubbling over with mischief and fun. We have good days and bad but mostly good (even with tantrums). You can be so very, very serious but then the complete opposite as well. You like to hang off mummy's legs when you are unsure or feeling shy but you also like join in and play. You love going to swimming and to bubs & tots. You like get everyone ready when we say "let's go in the car or "do you want to go to the ... shop, playgroup, swimming?" by getting our shoes and closing the doors. These days you play with everything at bubs and tots, not just the cars. You love jumping into the water at swimming and singing 'crocodile, crocodile'. You are quite the dare devil around water, with no fear.

You are most definitely a toddler now. We love watching you explore the world and trying to see it through your eyes.

Weight: 13.99kg - Length: 84cm - Clothes: size 2

Our truck, train, tractor, chicken, water and book lover.