Tuesday 14 April 2015

Alone Time

Do you like your alone time? Do you enjoy your own company?

After spending about 4years altogether on remote cattle stations it is pretty clear that I am happy in my own company and enjoyed just hanging out with me. I had to be my own best bud or I'd have never lasted. I am confident and happy driving from one place to the other through remote areas by myself and have always enjoyed that time by myself, music loud, singing along, well until my butt got sore and I was sick of being confined to a car.

I do however also enjoy time with others. It is a bit of a balancing act though. Sometimes too much time with others really gets to me sometimes too much time with myself does.

I do think my batteries recharge best in a quiet place. 
Often by myself. 
Often outdoors.

 Reading for me has always been a good escape and refresher. 
I need to do more of that.

I still spend a lot of time alone and I do find the more time I spend alone the harder it is to deal with being social and the less tolerant I get of idiots other people. I spend a fair bit of time exploring places alone, often filling in time to tell the truth. I quite like going places alone though because I can take my time and look at what I want to look at. Maybe too much alone time isn't that good for me, sometimes it gets a bit lonely, but I do enjoy it most of the time.

Bit of an antisocial butterfly aren't I.
These photos are from yesterday evening while getting ready for my night job, I just had to stop and take a few pics. The clouds with pretty amazing and different all in one. It rained not long after.

I Must Confess

Sunday 12 April 2015

A watery Sunday drive

A Sunday drive, sauntering through the countryside.
Okay not really countryside, not very far and not much sauntering happening.

I headed to the Barron Gorge Hydro again. I hadn't been there in a few weeks so I wanted to see what had changed since the rain.

It certainly made for a contrast. It hardly looked like the same place. Check out the Barron Gorge last time just to see what a difference water makes.

It was quiet and nice just to look at the waterfall and rocks. The breeze coming along the gorge was also amazing for cooling down.

I headed down to the water again and had a look around.

I walk along what is part of the river bed.

I clambered over rocks, hoping no one was watching my clumsiness from above.

I didn't go too far, although I would have liked to. I figured I should head home at some stage.

I stopped to gaze at that rushing waterfall from last time. Not so rushing now, kind of just dribbling.

It was a nice way to pass the afternoon. I did go elsewhere afterward but this will do for now.
I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Saturday 11 April 2015

Me on being weird ... again

Apparently I am a little weird after all. Glad I have had that confirmed.
Or maybe it was just that it was Friday night.

Last night at work someone called someone by the name Cyril (for who knows what reason, I must have missed that inside joke) and I commented that it was my Grandfather's name. Then that lead on to talking about old names and then I let loose that Mr Sparky and I have discussed names for children. What family names are used, you know those ones passed down and down and down through the generations. By the way Cyril is not one we like the idea of using. Sorry to all the Cyrils out there. The next question I got was "are you pregnant?" "Ahh, no." Really who hasn't discussed future children's names with their spouses, well future spouses. If they don't run scared then they want it too. Apparently not everyone does. I learned something new.

Next weird moment involved a packet of Jersey Caramels which I got a little over excited about. Come on who doesn't love them and they are a bit hard to come by. Apparently my excitement wasn't shared by all. Speaking of which I will need to hit my sister or Mum up for the fudge sauce for ice cream recipe that uses Jersey Caramels. Now I just have to wait for them to come out on the shelf. 


A bonus to working a bit behind the scenes in a grocery shop is you get to see what is new first but then you have to wait for it to hit the shelves. Something else new coming soon to the lolly aisle would be body parts ... hmmm. That created a fair bit of rude humour the other night. Thank goodness the customers were gone as packets were examined to see if we could find certain body parts that there is no way they would put in a lolly packet. Oh and mini lollypops, we decreed them not worth sucking, too small. The fun you can have while stacking shelves. By the way I've always forgotten about the new stuff by the time I would actually buy it.

The truth is I don't mind if I come across as a little bit weird, or even a lot weird. I don't mind if sometimes I am a little out there and sometimes not quite on the same channel. I am me and that is fine. I was just looking as another lady's blog with gorgeous photos of her family and in the back ground, perched on a photo frame were the words 'be weird'. I like it. Be weird and be yourself. Plus weird is fun.

Well this post kind of made itself as it went along and as per usual when that happens the pictures have nothing to do with the text.

These photos are just views of my garden or like above what I can see over the fence. It is a tall fence.

We might have finally got it right, things are growing anyway.

I'll continue to be all hopeful about it and hopefully we get some produce from the cucumbers, zucchinis, beans, peas, radishes and tomatoes planted.

Other green things growing in the garden are frogs. I love spying the littlies among the greenery. See weird, all in my own way.

There isn't much in the way of floral things happening unless it is on a vege plant. Maybe I should do something about that as the native bees have decided to move in upstairs.

When I say move in, I really mean it. They have found a home beside the old box air con. Maybe their home is really in it, maybe it is in the wall. I don't mind where it is, just having them around means more chance for the garden. See again, me being all weird and lovey dovey about local wildlife.

If nothing else really ends up growing at least the herbs will be alright. I haven't killed them yet, well, except for the parsley and that wasn't me, I swear.

Do people sometimes think you are a little strange?
Please tell me you dreamed of kids names before actually having them.
What is growing in your garden?