Sunday 31 December 2017

Christmas 2017

Last year Christmas was loud and boisterous. This year it was quiet and sleepy.
Last year a tiny boy (not that we knew he was a boy) was snuggled up inside me. This year a very active little boy was on the move and into mischief.

We have made the decision to do one year there one year here when it comes to family Christmases. We are too far apart to do both. I know though that I will always wish I was there but what I have here is nice too.

This was our little Possum's first Christmas and at nearly 9 months old, things are fun to look at and get into but the unknown is also a little scary, or should I say Santa was a bit scary.

 We went to the Community Health Christmas party in the park and to Daddy's work Christmas Party too. Our little man even gate crashed the spread at Mummy's work just before Christmas.
 We did the Santa photo thing and I thought is might be a screaming mess, like the first Santa experience, but it wasn't. The mechanised display was way more interesting than Santa himself, although he wasn't too bad, from a distance.
 There were decorations hung and more photos of our little elf. Hard to think that the tree I posed him with (mind you who poses a 8.5mth old on the move, hilarious) was the same one I took a photo with a pair of booties in front of, that wouldn't even fit him now. There was a Christmas tree erected on the coffee table, out of reach of little fingers, and last minute Christmas shopping.
Mr Sparky insisted on some photos mucking around with a Santa hat. We never got as far as photos with me, or a family photo, pretty usual around here. Might have to just do the tripod thing and take my own.

Christmas day saw paper torn (mostly by our little Possum and mostly after the present was open) and new toys played with. It left our bellies full of roast meat and salad along with generous amounts of nibbles and it shared naps all around for the afternoon.

And oh, look, I did find some Christmas day photos of the little possum and me, selfies of cause.

The day ended beautifully and lazily, with a gorgeous sky and not too much effort put into dinner.
And then it was done, Christmas 2017. We laid our still weary heads down to sleep and dream of actually getting to sleep through the night (fat chance).

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year.