Thursday 31 May 2018

Happy Mother's Day ...

... well sort of.

Mother's Day weekend was a couple of weeks ago now but I am pretty sure it will be forever memorable in how un-mother's day it was. 

Mr Sparky had to do a job one day that weekend so he and Liam decreed that Mother's Day would be a day early, on Saturday. This was just in case he couldn't get home in time for me to go to work Saturday evening as the job was on the Tablelands.

I had breakfast made for me, and I think I lazed in bed while it cooked, with a wriggly child, for the time it took to feed him.

For my Mother's Day Mr Sparky and Liam got to work on replacing our droopy clothes line

 Our Little Possum made a great site supervisor and tool tester.

Mr Sparky then got called into work in the middle of the day.
I ended up making up the pizzas for our early dinner (I start work earlier on a Sat).

 He was home in time to cook them though, our woodfire pizzas.

Liam and Mr Sparky put some of the lines on the clothes line.

So I left them to it and toddled off to work. 

The next morning (the real Mother's Day), Mr Sparky headed off early and our Little Possum was not impressed by the fact that his Daddy wasn't home, either that or he just wasn't impressed with life in general.

It really was just one of those days with a grumpy toddler and noodles that ended up all over the flood so that's where they got eaten.


But hey, that's what being a Mum is all about isn't it, rolling with the punches and being able to go with whatever pops up. About wiping up tears and giving comfort. About trying to work out what it is that your child wants or needs. About dirt covered faces and chubby fingers. About nourishing little tummies and little minds. About the love and the frustrations. Its all of it and more.

Friday 25 May 2018

Emu Creek

For anyone who hasn't cottoned on yet, we kinda have a thing for heading bush. We love camping and wish we could spend a lot more time doing it than what we do. The thing is, the kind of camping we do, is almost as far from glamping as you can get. It used to be a case of throw a couple of swags in the car/ on the ute, throw in some clothes, chuck in food and things to cook with and off we would go. We have upped our style since then, adding a camping box with basically all the cooking needs in it and another box if needed for food. We still chuck on the swags but we also need the port-a-cot and tent to keep out the mozzies and flies (for the Little Possum, of cause). We also have a shower we can rig up and various other bits and pieces. We certainly have to pack more now but we are still pretty basic campers. We are in the cooler months of the year now so it is "peak" camping time up here, summer is mostly way too uncomfortable.

Just before Easter and guests arrived, we headed off for a quick trip to Emu Creek. Our first camping trip of the year. I have no idea why it is called Emu Creek, there certainly weren't any emus. It was a nice spot and we were glad we headed off early, on the Thursday afternoon instead of Good Friday. We might have arrived in fading light but we beat a lot of other people out there, although a fair few people beat us. We had so many people pull in later than us and the next morning, looking for a spot.

The first morning was beautiful, although we didn't have the best vantage point for any sunrises. Still, it was just nice to be away from the city.

I'd never been to Emu Creek before but Mr Sparky had, although a different camp spot, it was already taken. Our spot wasn't too bad though.

We set up the netting part of the tent to sleep in, to keep the mozzies at bay. During the day we ended up putting the outer layer on for shade while Liam napped. We also put up a tarp between trees so that we could sit in solid shade and stay a little cooler.

Neither of us a really city people, it is just our home for now and a means to an end. Even if we end up here for a few years yet we want our children to appreciate the bush. Many would probably think us mad for taking a baby or young toddler camping but it works for us. 

Our Little Possum loves the outdoors so I actually think in a lot of ways it is easier having him out camping than at home. There is plenty for him to play with and look at freely and best of all, there are two of us to supervise and parent.

It didn't take long for Liam to get into the sand, leaves, rocks and sticks. Pretty much as soon as he was out in the morning he was covered head to toe in sand, plus taste testing some.

I did pack a few small toys for him to play with, things he likes that were familiar and might encourage him to stay in one spot for a bit; some stacking, some farm animals, a ball and some mega blocks. He procured some pegs, a spoon and some other bits and pieces along the way.

The first day at Emu Creek was Good Friday, so of cause I brought along a pack of hot cross buns to heat on the fire. They made a very tasty morning tea.

Do you do the hot cross bun on Good Friday thing? I usually would have them for breakfast but Mr Sparky isn't a fan so we had a big camp breaky of eggs, bacon and baked beans.

I had been pretty keen on this trip, even though it was only going to be short.I figured it would do us good to get away. It always does.

The best part is that Mr Sparky doesn't have to go to work so he and Liam get plenty of time to hang out together. If we were home, even on the weekend, he would undoubtedly either get called into work or be off doing work for his own electrical business.

But instead he got lots of cuddles and sandy love from his son.

We took along the shower this trip. A good thing too as the creek was probably too high to be safely getting in. The shower head is connected up to a pump and hose that can be put in whatever water we a near. It also has a copper coil so that we can put it in the fire and heat the water as it is coming through for a fancy pancy hot shower.

Taking the shower also meant we had a super easy way to cool off a little person during the heat of the day.

And as an added bonus he thought it was fun too.

Not too much was wrong with this trip but like usual there was that one thing. This time it was leaving the bread at home on the table.

Good thing we pretty much take all the pantry basics with us, like flour. So instead we had a cheese and onion damper/ giant savoury scone.

It did the trick for lunch and breakfast the next day, as well.

Our afternoon saw more playing, napping and relaxing, along with the main Camp Chef (Mr Sparky) cooking a roast for dinner. Did I mention I love camping? Someone else pretty much cooks all the meals.
That's a first ... stacking by himself, yay!

We also got out the blow up boat and had a float around on the creek.

Then the sun set, 

 dinner was eaten, showers were had, fire gazing was done and beds were sought.

Unfortunately, the following day we had to head back home, with visitors coming. But we still made good with a leisurely breakfast before packing things up slowly.

Then it was time to douse the fire and tie things down. Our sort of weekend had gone way too fast.

And even though we arrived home weary, it refreshed us, our little 2 night trip away.

What do you like to do with you family to refresh?