Thursday 30 January 2014

Sunflower Days

I love sunflowers. They are so bright and cheerful and it is pretty cool how they follow the sun, like moving solar panels. They aren't something I see all that often, or have in the past but those golden paddocks are like a magnet to the eye and for a change I got to stop (thanks Mr Sparky) and take photos of them.

Now obviously I'm not anywhere near Cairns to see paddocks of sunflowers like this, I am visiting family on the Darling Downs and we are exploring the area while we are here, introducing Mr Sparky to new little towns all over the place, ones he has heard of but never seen. Today it was a trip to the Clifton area which is a great cropping area, at the moment there are sunflowers and sorghum to see.

Meanwhile in North QLD many are battering down the hatches for Cyclone Dylan which is currently a category 2 cyclone (approx 140km/hr wind in the centre) and heading in to the coast just south of Townsville. The worry in the coastal areas is for flooding and the hope for inland areas is that the rain makes it that far. It should hit the coast tomorrow morning so I hope all in the area stay safe. Mr Sparky is not worried at all about the cyclone coming in after having been through two category 5s in his lifetime, his lack of worry is reassuring.

Wednesday 22 January 2014

Happy un-Birthday

First of all I am certainly not a me, me, me person but there are certain times when I feel it should be just a bit about me, like my birthday. Do you remember last year's birthday flop, I still do and would rather forget it. It was't a good one and big chunks of it saw me either royally pinged off or in tears because a. I was missing family and b. it seemed I was missing out on a birthday. Admittedly the day had some good parts but well hmmm, you can read about it back here if you want.

My birthday was on the 19th and well this year I tried my hardest to have no expectations. Mr Sparky did remember to ring me and say Happy Birthday, did I mention he ran away for the weekend. I also had lots of lovely facebook messages and a couple of nice phone calls from Mr Sparky's Grandma and my mother which were the day's saving grace. Actually I had decided days before to try and forget it was just because I had a feeling it wouldn't be great.

I made myself a yummy breakfast.

I did nothing much out of boredom and not really wanting to do something alone, I spend a lot of time alone and on that day I really didn't want to be.
I went to work for a few hours in the afternoon, yay packing shelves was just want I wanted to do. You gotta love working for a big company where no one cares when someone's birthday is. I don't mind working on a birthday, some of the best birthday's have happened because I was at work, memorable ones involving a snake and a crocodile.

I came home and finished making a cake I had started earlier as a Birthday, whatever, send to work with Mr Sparky cake. Really it was something to do.

I ate the yummy dinner I made to share with Mr Sparky who never made it home for dinner. He got home after 10pm a LOT later than expected.

I ate some cake.

I chatted to my mother for a while until her and my need to do dishes and general family life kicked in and I went to bed.

Happy Birthday to Me!

To me birthdays are about the person whose day it is, doing nice things for them whether it is a nice dinner, gifts or just time. I miss the coming together as a family, sometimes with friends as well that comes with it. To quote my mother though 'it was easier this year than last year'. Another marker on the road of life passed. My second crap birthday in a row achieved. Now to get on with the year and look forward to visiting family.

What do you like to do for your birthday or for someone else?

Side note: how bizarre I happened to post on the 22nd last yr too.

Moony Morning

I've taken up morning walking again, it is needed and has been a long time coming, talk about procrastinating. Anyway the weather has turned sunny again, I think we've had more sun than rain, so I guess we jumped the gun on the wet season idea. The garden is loving it though I swear everything doubles in size once the cooler night comes. So I've headed off track again. Some mornings I take a camera, some I don't, I'm trying to walk more rather than spending my time sidetracked by something I see. 

At the moment the moon is still up, high in the sky in the early morning and after the rain it is so clear. I haven't decided whether I like it blurred or sharp.

Another thing I see a lot of are these little birds hanging out on the power lines. They are such cute little things but boy do they make some noise. On closer inspection of photos though I think I see two different types of bird that look similar in size and colour, the difference being their beak and their tail length. One I think is a White-breasted Woodswallow and the other a Mangrove Robin.


Mangrove Robin ????

I am counting down until we head on holiday down south, visiting family. We head of before the crack of dawn on Saturday I think. Meanwhile I am going back to debating which I prefer, a sharp moon or a blurry moon.

Post Share ... When it Rains and What Drought Means

I don't normally go around sharing other's posts willy nilly but below are ones I think you should read.especially if drought isn't something you have experienced.

When it Rains

What Drought Means

Saturday 18 January 2014

Station Update

Well there isn't much to update other than another new governess has been employed for this year and a small amount of rain, 18mm, was also received which was enough to wet the ground but not make water run. Also there is many a poddy calf being fed including one that was fostered onto a goat and now thinks it is a goat not a bull. There are plans in place for a renovated kitchen in the main house and plans for new cattle yards as well. There have been fires lit on neighbouring stations by lightning from storms that hold no rain, well except for the very nice one with the 18mm that put it's own fires out. There have been takes of lightning striking the same places repeatedly, five times, seven times, in the one storm. There is hope for the very wet February that has been predicted. Cattle are being fed and cattle are being watered (sounds like a garden, well I guess much the same as you have to take water to them) and the two families are taking it in turns to have some time away to refresh.

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This morning there was a very good segment on the drought by Sunrise. I thought it was tasteful, factual and caring. They urged people to help out farmers and station owners through donations. Here is the video.

Enjoy your weekend!

More current photos are thanks to the boss lady.

Friday 17 January 2014

Changing Skies

The weather here in Cairns is very erratic at the moment but one thing you can guarantee is rain.
Now I know there are many out there champing at the bit to get some rain. They are hoping and praying that it comes soon. I am right there with them, thinking of them. Some have been lucky enough to already get some rain but are in need of more. I am thinking of them to.

One thing is certain it will come pouring down one day, it is just a matter of which one.
Well for Cairns that day was last Saturday. The heavens opened and the wet began. It was a beautiful relief from the hot days before where in other places around Australia it was reaching soaring temperatures of up to 50 degree celsius. Here I believe the recorded top was around 36 degrees however my car thought it was about 43 out in the sun. Add in the lovely Northern humidity and it wasn't too nice.

The skies around here have been interesting to watch, changing so fast. One moment a rainbow the next pouring down then moments later it stops and the sun tries to come out. Today the weather has settled into a drier windier pattern I believe due to the low off the coast but the clouds and the look they bring has still changed with amazing speed.

Out the back, the mountains have disappeared and the frogs are very happy.

View from work, again mountains blurred in the distance.

Clearer skies and the sun trying to dry it out.

A double rainbow seen from near our house, wow!

Does two rainbows mean more gold?

I wish I could find that gold.

The sun trying to break up the clouds, Love the shafts of light.

Minutes later clouds are moving on.
Now we have been seeing more grey skies and rain than sun (which is a pain when you are trying your best to get into a walking habit). I hope this change and the sign the the wet has started means rain is soon to come further inland. Here is to rainy days ahead and dripping gardens and soggy ground and mud and puddles and cool.

Thursday 2 January 2014

Beach Goers

 18th Dec

In the lead up to Christmas we have had a couple of groups come to visit us at Nova. The differences in how the holiday is celebrated and the disbelief at the Christmassy weather but still winter Christmassy decorations, cards etc have made for interesting conversation. 

Anyhow as one of the activities we took the students to Holloways Beach unfortunately the weather was a lot less than desirable for beach goers but as our students weren't there to swim it didn't worry them too much. All but one beach North of Cairns was shut due to the wind. Finding that a bit of a puzzle, well I was too until I saw that because it was windy they had to bring in the stinger nets which means there might be stingers out there in the roughish water.

Luckily and very thankfully there was a lovely (and very bored) life guard on duty who happily told the students about her job, what all the equipment was (with demonstrations, on the sand of cause) and posed for photos.

The wind was strong enough to create that not so nice stinging sand effect.

However the students must have found the life guard interesting enough and were happy to live up to experience.

Some were even brave enough to get their feet wet, that is after we did first.

After the students had had enough of the whipping wind we headed to the cafe on the beach.

It was very festively decorated.

It was lovely to sit and chat and drink cool drinks especially because despite the wind the day was still hot.

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