Sunday 29 September 2013

Something about Minties

  Minties, when googled (ha who knew it would become a verb in our vocabulary) Minties come up as being an 'iconic Australian lolly'. They were first made in 1922 by James Stedman and were produced in the former Sweetacres Factory in Sydney. Taken straight from the Allen's Minties part of the Nestle web site ... The mint lolly survived The Great Depression and World War II and is one of the oldest confectionery products still available, along with Allen’s Jaffas, Freckles and Fantales, selling over 3.5 million packs a year. It is also the subject of one of the oldest advertising slogans: “It’s moments like these you need Minties.” The interesting things you find out.

This all came about because I was looking for something else "Iconically Australian" for my students to try and walking down the aisle in the grocery shop I thought 'ah Minties' as they are something of an iconic part of my childhood and travelling routine.

As kids we were given Minties as a treat in the car on the LONG journey to visit our Grandparents. A 10hr trip south by car and some of it very hilly and windy, Minties were good for relieving the built up pressure in our ears, helping them to pop.

We also used to have competitions to see who could tear their Minties wrapper into the longest strip. The same idea as pealing the apple all in one spiral.

It kept us occupied and was a bit of fun. We concentrated hard on tearing that Minties wrapper around and around, as skinny as possible and trying not to break it.

Have you ever done this?

 Do you love Minties?

I'm off to eat another and see how long I can get the wrapper.
What do you think is an iconic Australian food?

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  1. I do love minties too....haven't had any for a little while though....should get a those other Allen's ones you mentioned too esp the fantails..........

    iconic....aeroplane jelly........arnotts biscuits.......
    What about violet crumbles????

  2. Oh yes Aeroplane jelly and Arnotts. I give the students a packet of TimTams as a farewell. I never thought about Violet Crumbles (mind you they are super tasty and remind me of my Pop). Who knew originally made in Melbourne. Thanks for dropping by and for the ideas :)

  3. I love minties, a close second to fantails!
    I remember trying to tear the longest wrappers on very long school camp bus trips :)

  4. I had forgotten all about Minites! They were a childhood favourite too. My pop always had pockets full of Minties when he came to visit. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I remember liking the pictures on the wrapper :)

  5. Oh your land is beautiful I see of pictures. I am interested to keep abroad with you on your blog.

    I am In Canada. Where black bears roam,
    Bush and forest everywhere and beautiful now with fall trees and leaves.

  6. Hi Kate, Fantails ... love them. I asked a few people about tearing the wrappers (we did it to fantails too) and they thought I was mad. Yay! someone else who did it.

  7. Hi Alicia, isn't it funny the things that are connected to memories. I remember the pictures on the wrapper being funnier that the new ones but maybe that was just my (more) childish humour then. I am glad I brought you some good memories.

  8. Hi Sparkle100 (Carol Ann), Canada must be so beautiful this time of year. I wish I could see hundreds of trees changing colour with the season. Not so many do that here in Australia and those that do are from overseas. I am glad you enjoyed my blog and you are welcome any time. Thank you for your comments.

  9. Hi
    I have just done my first Mintie strip in my life. And I am 54 years old. You never stop learning things.
    We do not have Minties in Sweden but im gonna try with some other chewy mint when I am back home.
    Thanks for a fun time on our journey from Monkie Mia to Perth.
    /Christer Pettersson, Gavle, Sweden

    1. I'm glad you got to have a go at this age old, time wasting, tradition. I am pretty sure any paper like wrapper would do the trick but minties and fantails are what I can remember doing it with as a kid (and I think the only appropriate lolly wrappers available here). I guess you can pass this on as an Australian thing you learnt. Have fun traveling, I would love to visit Western Australia. Enjoy the amazing landscape.


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