Monday 29 May 2017

6 weeks ...

How an earth has this happened!

The first 6 weeks of our little possum's life have flown. The first 6 weeks of having him in our lives have flown!

We have loved watching him change and grow, celebrating the smallest things and waking up every day swearing he has changed. In the last 6 weeks he has learnt so much about this world and us just as we have learnt so much about him.

 This boy is rarely still, just like his father I feel. He loves wriggling, kicking, waving his arms and pushing with his legs. Daddy loves evening play time with him making him stand up, walk and fly. Liam loves it too.

The most rewarding thing for us, and hopefully for him, was learning to smile. No matter how crappy a night is has been or how over feeding him what seems like every five seconds or how i wish i could get things done, that smile fixes it all and lights up the day, or middle of the night. 

He absolutely loves baths although not so much the getting undressed and dressed part. I did work out one night though, if you crazy exaggerated sing along to what ever song is happening, smiles come willingly rather than crying.

Speaking of music, this boy loves anything going, especially if it is upbeat and according to daddy loves the Dixie Chicks.

He is learning to love floor time more and more, slowly growing the amount of time he is happy to play. He loves staring at who knows what around the room, the t.v (gasp) and smiling at nothing much in particular (or maybe it is his invisible friend). He has favourite toys already. There is the lat scrunchy monkey that makes a crinkly sound, just like the paper when he goes to get weighed, which he also loves wriggling around on. He also likes Mr Squeaky, a brightly coloured dog with a squeaky foot along with the dangly lion the jingles when you hit it.

Sleep is apparently always something to be fought unless he is sneakily snuck into it while just snuggling on the chair. Most of the time though, settling to sleep involves a little squealing in protest or even a full blown tantrum. He has kind of settled himself into a routine of sorts, that is until he decides to mix it up and keep us on our toes. In general he spends 3hrs asleep, 2 hours awake, with plenty of flexibility to it, especially at night when often 3 or 4 hours is considered all he should have. It seems that mummy and daddy pointing out the benefits of sleep and that they would be much better with more of it falls on deaf ears. Oh well.

He loves to eat as soon as he wakes up, there is no holding back this hungry little gremlin. He used to think being awake meant being on the boob but now loves his little bit of play time. He loves to have a chat to his food and still squeals like a piglet when he looses it along with the super cute grunting, snuffling, nuzzling and open mouth searching to find it again. I have learnt that breast feeding is challenging, a lot harder than I thought it would be, but that it slowly gets easier (around the 6week mark I found). No one really tells you that about that.

It seems our little possum is the king of poo-plosions. He got me a good one, one day, meaning I needed to have a shower before I could even attempt to clean him up. I've learnt I have a bizarre sense of humour when it comes to things like this, maybe I have reverted to being a ten year old.

 He has learnt to really focus on things, although he was pretty much born doing that. He stares you down reading what your face is saying, looking deep inside I swear. He also hams it up for the camera, maybe he thinks it is his real mummy.

I could sit and drink in his cuteness, his smell, his feel and drown in his eyes for hours. Such a time waster but such an adorable one.

And just because it took me so long to actually post this blog, we've made it to 7 weeks.

This little man has now had his first flight (outside the womb) which he mostly slept and fed through. He also charmed anyone he saw. It is amazing how good service on a plane is with a cute baby (mind you that airline always has excellent service).

He has finally met his very excited cousins and Aunty C (sis C) as well as his Grandad.

They love cuddling him, especially his cousins. A real live dolly to snuggle which is good practice for the coming addition to their family, due in November.
Yay! I get to be an Aunty again!

He has also loved getting to know his Granny, who was there to see him born. He definitely loves his snuggles with her, she has the magic touch.

In the last has worked out he can do this squeal thing while smiling and just this morning he thought that tongue poking while smiling was fun, producing even more smiles. He has also found his voice and loves chatting away to anyone and anything.

I want to freeze these moments in time and keep him as he is but I want to watch and see what he does next.

It is funny how little time he has been here yet how it seems like he has been here forever.

I hope to get back to the blogging and many other things, like housework ... not that I really want to do housework, yuck.