Thursday 13 September 2012

The Cake

It has been a while since the kids and I have been in the kitchen, well not that long really, just a while since I have written a post about it. The kids here love cooking and I try to organise to do it around once a week with them. Mostly we cook sweet things like food for smoko or dessert for everyone. Today Miss Yr4, Mr Yr1, Mr T and I cooked a marble cake.

The kids love having goes at putting things into the mixtures, cracking eggs is a favourite. It is funny how when we pull out the ingredients each of the kids straight away claims one to measure. Today Miss Yr4 got in first with "I'll do the eggs," next Mr Yr1 chimed in with "I'll do the milk" then Mr T enthusiastically piped up "I do flour!" We have done this so many times that they even offer to let each other beat the mixture first which I think is rather polite and nice of them. They know that they will all get a go.

I think following a recipe and cooking are important skills for children to learn (even if all they will ever be able to feed themselves is cake) as it means they can always feed themselves. Not only that but cooking is fun especially when we get a little creative and who doesn't like licking the bowl. Oh and don't tell the kids but it is also learning about measuring and fractions ... especially when you only pull out the 1cup and make them use that to measure half and three-quarters of a cup.



While browsing the web for new spring or any other craft ideas I found instructions for how to make some cool little 'Tumblebugs'.

I thought it was a great idea, one for the boys. So yesterday here is what we did.

What you need:

Coloured cardboard
2 x 10c coins
marble (1 per bug)
craft glue (I broke out the hot glue gun for fast drying)
glue stick
tissue paper

What to do:

1. On the edge of the card draw a strip that is 2cm wide and 14cm long.

2. On the card draw two ovals. Lining the two 10c coins up side by side is a great way to make an oval. You just trace around the curve at each end and then join them up.

3. Cut out the strip and ovals.

4. Glue the strip to make a loop by overlapping the ends by about 2.5cm.

5. Apply craft glue to the edge of the cardboard loop and glue it onto one of the traced ovals.

6. When the glue is dry put a marble in the oval container you have created.

7. Apply glue to the other edge of the cardboard strip loop and glue the remaining traced oval on to it.

8. Allow to dry and then decorate with a marker using tissue paper to create wings.

9. 'Tumblebug' away.

Both Miss Yr4 and Mr Yr1 liked making their 'Tumblebugs' tumble. Mr Yr1 set a ramp which was great for tumbling.


I may have made a few myself. They are just too cute and just a lot of fun.

Tuesday 11 September 2012

This Little Piggy ...

Knock, knock, knock ... knock, knock, knock. I had seen Miss S whizz past the window of the quarters and now she was insistently knocking on the door. I opened it and in a puffed and garbled rush she excitedly blurted out "the pig's got piglets, I think there are seven, there are black ones and a spotty one and brown ones." I grabbed my camera and down to the pig pen we trotted "See look she's over there!" And there laying down in the back of the orchard cum pig pen was a black hairy lump with piggy ears sticking up and a few (eight as we found out) squirmy bodies and tails could just be seen through the dead grass.

One big black ear and 8 wriggly little bodies.

Snuggling in for cuddles under Mum's leg.

Mum and babies.

2 brown, 5 black, 1 spotty

Pile up.

Feed time!

Bit squishy but cosy and warm.

The spotty piglet.

Now that looks comfortable.

I love you Mum xo


This reminds me of home, excitedly going to check out the new piglets that have arrived while you aren't looking. There is a bit of a difference in the colour and breed though ... well actually a big one, especially as the pigs here are feral ones or feral crosses. Still doesn't change how cute they are.

Saturday 8 September 2012

Good morning to you ...

What a refreshing start to a Saturday morning. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Friday 7 September 2012

Smoko Time

Chatting, giggling, rustling is all I could hear the other day when I went to call the kids in from smoko and at first sight all I could see were legs and boots hanging out from the leaves of the mulberry tree.
 The kids are really enjoying mulberry season, so much so that purple lipstick and nails are the latest fashion in school.

Thursday 6 September 2012


 This is Buttons.

Buttons is being bottle fed and has decided he is one of the kids rather than a kiddie goat. He even follows them to school or he did until he ended up in a kiddie goat proof area.

I'm not sure who gets the most fun out of this relationship, the kids or the kid. He certainly has the life though with his own personal car and multiple chauffeurs.

Buttons is also very demanding when it comes to feed time and immensely enjoys his goats milk formula. Now that was a new experience for me ... shopping for baby formula, let alone goats milk newborn formula from Woolies for an actual goat.

When he isn't chasing around kids or trying to come to school Buttons likes snoozing in the sun. I think he has the right idea there. What a cutie.