Monday 29 February 2016

A Surprise Visitor

On the weekend we had a sort of surprise visitor. I say sort of because she rang in advance to see if we were busy or home or had plans. We had none of the above happening so our visitor was quite welcome. We both helped put a band aid on our low that happens after a family visit. The good thing was is that we also worked out that there is only 3 more weekends (4 weeks) until she will be able to come back AND until more family visitors come to stay. Time is going to speed by. 
Have you guessed who my visitor was?

Why, it was Sis G from down in Brownsville ... oops, I mean Townsville.
By the way, Brownsville is a local, far north, thing/ joke. It is in the dry tropics and so often a bit brown looking where Cairns is wet tropics and more than often very green.

While she was here we did a brief spin around the lushness of the area.

We hit Crystal Cascades for an afternoon swim. This was after, of cause, she had to hunt us down at Master's and then follow us to Bunnings for some weekend plant looking. I then rescued her from having to wait around for the Sparky to go fix some sparky thing on a boat and we ran off together to the Esplanade to look at the markets and eat croissants under the shade of a tree before venturing home.

Did I mention our downstairs air con was on the blink? Oh, it was by the way. Died on Thursday, or maybe before. This was why we were off for a swim. Oh, that is right, in there somewhere we also hit DFO for Sis G's enjoyment. On returning the landlord for our place had come by to tend to our air con, which turned into a 'take all afternoon and evening' kind of job. Some not invited friends had made a home in the ducting outside and had worked out how to get inside the head of the air con so they could have a chewing good time. As Sis G said to me "why do rats seem to think anything is edible?" I was like 'maybe electrical wiring is tasty, a treat even? and they are all like oooo look ELECTRICAL WIRING!! Yum! Just like kids and lollies.'
Sorry, getting a little weird there.
Back to nice things, like waterfalls.

At Crystal Cascades, I swear half of Cairns had turned out for a swim. However by the time we had wandered up to the main falls for a look and back to a swimming spot closer to the car park, a lot of people had left. We enjoyed a cooling wallow and climbing a small set of falls before heading back to town.

On the way back I made a spur of the moment decision to take in the lookout on Copperlode Dam road, a place Sis G hadn't been.

Definitely worth the winding road.

We watched the soft colours changing and mucked around taking photos, and in Sis G's case, videos. She was making one of the weekend. It has far too much of me in it and none of her.

It was so clear, with Green Island in view.

A relaxing end to what had been a pretty long day, more for Sis G than me. I slept in til 8am (super unusual) where she was up at 4am.

I then took her home to a fixed air con and a yummy home cooked corned beef meal with pancakes and lemon juice for dessert.

Sunday we decided to head to the beach after a lazy morning that involved sitting around, chatting and much teasing from Mr Sparky.

Palm Cove ended up being chosen while on the road and we didn't even check to see if the beaches were open. They have been closed a lot for stinger reasons. Oh, and that pesky crocodile I heard someone saw.

The nets were in and so were people so we ended up being right to go.

I'm not sure if you would describe it as a cooling or refreshing dip but it was nice, in a bath temperature like fashion. I also think that maybe the water here is saltier than down south. I might have to go back to the beach again to confirm that. 

We had to do the Aussie beach run/ speed walk up and down the sand, it was already burning in the mid morning sun.

Walking back in the shade to the car while wet was refreshing though. Again there was much more photo taking and movie making.

Unfortunately, a bit after lunch we had to send Sis G packing, so she could get back home before it got too late. I loved the sister time. I am hoping this can be a fairly regular thing.

Oh, and after much debating within my head, here is Sis G's production from the weekend.
Ummm Sis G? I can use this can't I? Hehe.

Stinger = jelly fish, in particular box jellyfish.

I Must Confess

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Wednesday 24 February 2016

A little trip to Cardwell

Warning: Photo overload ahead!

Before I headed off on my little trip away to recharge with family I had a different little trip away. It was a lot littler though, only a day trip.

Destination: Cardwell aka Cardwell by the Sea.

The best part about this little trip away is that I got to hang out with this gorgeous, amazing, smart, funny chick. She just happens to also be my youngest sister, Sis G. (She will hate me for this photo, but she really is gorgeous, inside and out.)

After an excited greeting, it had been far too long, we headed off for a bit of sight seeing. I have been through Cardwell quite a few times, passing from Cairns to Townsville and further south, but haven't really stopped to explore the area unless you count the foreshore and a cafe for breakfast. 
We decided on exploring the Cardwell Forest Drive.

Now silly us just happened to choose the hottest, most humid day of Summer to that point to explore and to climb hills. It was hot work.

First stop was the Cardwell lookout. Who knew there was a lookout? We then chose to climb up a bit higher to see the view from further around. Worst and best decision ever. Oh the stairs! It was well worth it though, it was just a bit to hot for that kind of adventuring in our view.

We got to see the breathtaking outlook over the area.

I also got a little obsessive about the grass trees along the way. Love seeing them, they are interesting subjects.

From our higher view point we had a great view of Hinchinbrook Island.

We then hit the road again after making it back down to the car park.

Next stop was a waterfall. Sis G thought going to a waterfall would be a good idea for our day and it just so happened that there was one on the little circuit, just out of town.

Again we did the uphill trek, wanting to know who had thought of this wonderful idea of climbing mountains in hunt of waterfalls. I think we are both to blame but the bantering over it was fun.

We found Attie Creek Falls where Attie Creek drops 25 meters into a deep swimming hole.

Now the information we had said there were 'excellent picnic facilities' so we had decided to change into swimmers when we got to the car park.
It turns out 'excellent picnic facilities' really means 'one random picnic table'.

Once we reached the falls we really wished we'd made the change so we could get in and cool down but instead we did the next best thing and found a shady spot to sit with feet in the water.

We just sat and chatted and relaxed for a while (which translates to photo taking, instagraming and facebooking while chatting).

The sun was hidden by clouds after a while and so we headed back down to the car park.

Then it was on to the next place, Dead Horse Creek, where we decreed that toilets or not we would get changed. Well that was until there was someone else right there. That plan was scrapped.

We decided to head to the next spot with that plan still in mind. We were hot and badly wanted a swim.

Well there were even more people around at the next place. It seems that everyone was out to cool down. So instead we had a look around and made the plan to head back to town for lunch and then come back prepared for a swim.

Doesn't this look cool! This is The Spa Pool.

The minerals in it make it look blue and when it rains, apparently the water fizzes, like a spa.

We weren't expecting the amazing blue water.

The Spa Pool looks deserted in my pics but it just so happens that people got out to go back to their BBQ not long after we got there.

We stuck to the new plan and headed back into town for a great lunch, under a fan, and then got changed in the public toilets and headed back to The Spa Pool for a dip. It was so refreshing. I might share more of that later.

It was then time for us to think about parting ways so back into town we went. If you are thinking we are crazy with all the back a forwarding, it was only a bit over 5km to The Spa Pool from the centre of town.

We found an ice cream and went for a quick walk up the pier, dragging out our time together.

But then it really was time to go. Sister time is lovely and often way too far apart. We had an awesome time together though, and we know for next time to do the swimwear part at the beginning.

I was amazed by what there was to see so close to Cardwell, it wasn't at all what I was expecting and well worth a look.

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