Wednesday 23 August 2017

Cruising down at the Wharf

Hi ... it's me.
That person who apparently blogs in this little space.

It seems that a little boy who came into our lives has reduced my wish to write posts, 

either that or it is my lack of getting out and about like I used to. Maybe it is really my sheer laziness and reliance on facebook and instagram browsing instead of doing more useful things or even more enjoyable things, like blogging.

A couple of weeks ago we headed into the city for a doctors appointment followed by meeting Mr Sparky for breakfast. Sometimes it seems like we never see him and like our Little Possum never gets to see his daddy. Anyway, after breakfast bub and I headed off on a walk first to visit a daycare Mum's shop and then down to the wharf because CRUISE SHIP and there is nothing like a walk along the water to relax.

I used to spend so much time down here because of work, and because I wanted to. Now that we've moved south side it takes a bit more effort and organisation, both of which I seem to lack at the moment.

It was a gorgeous day to be close to the water and it was sunny. We'd been having a far amount of cloudy weather at the time. The sun is back now and giving us firm hints of the Summer to come.

There were plenty of other people around, probably more because of the cruise ship than anything.

There was even some wedding photography happening. A pretty awesome backdrop really.

I really should start making more of an effort to get out and about a bit more. Mind you it isn't like I don't with Possum's swimming lessons and Mums group, but it isn't quite the same.

Hopefully I get some catch ups from the last few months for you to enjoy. Don't hold your breath waiting though. Those hanging out on instagram probably have more of an idea of what I've been up to recently. But its okay .. "I'll be back." (Bet you read that in an Arnie voice 😜 ... you did now)