Thursday 5 December 2013

Titan Arum

Well I've been back to the botanic gardens again but this time there was something a littl different to see. It was so special they even had signs to point the way.

The Titan Arum bloomed early this week and the fact that it only flowers for around two days would have made it pretty popular as well as the fact that this is only the second time in this pants 8yr life that it has flowered.

Now unfortunately I missed seeing it in full bloom in fact the flower has already folded up and is breaking down. The fortunate thing about that I guess is that I missed its delightful rotting meat smell.

How do you feel about having one of these in your backyard. I think I will pass.

The size of it was pretty impressive though.

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Teeny Tiny Visitors

This is an oriental orchid. They smell very pretty by the way and the also happen to be pretty attractive to a teeny tiny critter around here.

This is a native bee. Can you spot it. Isn't it cute. Okay maybe cute isn't the right word but it is certainly teeny tiny. I am glad to finally see these little fellows around the garden and I hope they are here to stay. As an added bonus they can't sting me.

They are busy little fellows. I wonder how they manage to carry all that pollen.

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I Spy a Pelican and ...

Sometimes parts of Cairns become one giant game of spot the bird, in particular the Esplanade once the tide is out. The other afternoon as part of our Nova activity, after the lessons, we wandered around Cairns soaking up food. Our last stop was for gelato which we ate sitting on the Esplanade. It was extremely relaxing. Despite the copious amounts of people that are usually down there it always has that same relaxing, holiday feel that I absorb when I am there. On this day watching the antics of wild water birds on the fringe of the coast was interesting and made us want to sit for a long time. The may different breeds of birds where very happy hanging out in the same area, most busy doing their own thing like eating or sleeping. Some were very individual like the lone pelican that staying in the water, swimming around, when the rest of his flock had left the water. I just guess it liked swimming.

A Whimbrel looking for a feast in the mud.

A lone Great Egret looking around in the shallows.

Sandpiper, seagull and whimbrel hanging out.

Then of cause their were the pelicans, stealing the show simply because of their size.

There started off being one group of pelicans in the water and one on the mud flat when we arrived.

It was interesting to watch the ones in the water feeding and how much of a synchronised, group activity it was.

After swimming and feeding they were mostly interested in cleaning and sleeping. The cleaning part was rather amusing, can you imagine trying to preen with a beak that big?

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Tuesday 3 December 2013

Tis the Season ...

On the weekend we gave up resisting the jolliness of this time of year and put up the Christmas tree.
My family's tradition along with many others has been to put the Christmas tree up on the 1st of December or sometime after that.

The twinkling in the corner of the room at night is enough to lift anyone's spirits and make them feel that Christmas time is near.

Even local trees, even one we can see from our house, are putting on a Christmas like show. Ever since I was out on The Station I connect seeing this beautiful and cheerful poinciana tree in bloom with this time of year.

Is your Christmas tree up? What shouts 'Christmas is near' to you? What traditions do you have?

Grab button for one mother hen

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