Sunday 28 June 2015

Hibiscus Tiliaceus

Native hibiscus, it is flowering along the beaches, pretty and bright.

The flowers start off yellow and before falling off the tree darken to orange or red.

A bit like a sunset.

Hibiscuses on the beach. You can't get more tropical than that.

Friday 26 June 2015

Out on a Wharf

Yesterday, for something a little different, after nipping into work to say farewell to a student, I headed to the wharf.

The wharf was one of the first parts of Cairns but it has gone through various stages of growth.
Wharf shed 3 was the first to be constructed under the Harbour Board, starting in 1910. 
Wharf shed 3 is now known as the Cruise Liner Terminal.

As European passengers and government officials landed in Trinity Inlet in October 1876 and the town was surveyed later in the year, obviously the port would have been a big part of anything happening and planned.

The original wharves were pretty simple with timber jetties built out over the mud to where the boats were. They had shed on them and were owned by private companies.

These didn't have a long lifetime though and new building quickly replaced them.

The city of Cairns grew out from the port but it was always central to the town.

In 1884 Cairns was chosen as the end of the Herberton Railway and so in 1886 a timber railway wharf was constructed to connect the wharf to the rail.

In 1906 the Cairns Harbour Board was started to oversee the wharves and by 1915 they owned all the wharves.

After 1912 dredging began on the inlet channel to allow larger ships entry.

Back then the wharves were the heart of the city.

These days they are a nice place to wander and wonder.

This area of the wharves with two of the old sheds that still remain and the sugar shed a bit further away are reasonably open to the public. It is only when a big cruise ship or some other important ship comes in that they get fenced in.

Further down there is a bit more security and fences but it nice that this part is open.

You might recognise this area from the BBQs we have as a farewell for students.

It is usually quieter there than around on the Esplanade, and it is closer to our office.

There is a nice BBQ area and areas for fishing as well (if you are into that kind of thing). Then there is the awesome kids playground built around a tree. It is just nice and relaxing.

There is usually some boat or another doing something down in that area, even if they are just tied at the wharf, so it is a great place for anyone who likes sitting and watching boats.

Students we have here are always surprised to learn that all those boats on the other side of the estuary are private boats for going out fishing or sailing on the weekend. I explain that it is just like have a second car, some people just have a boat (and the second car). I think we will just stick to the two cars.

 It was nice to get out and enjoy the sun.

It has been a bit wet and cloudy around these parts so days of sun are really appreciated. Plus after a fortnight enjoying winter with family my tan is pretty much gone.

I hope the weather has been treating you well.

Enjoy the coming weekend!

You can find more out about the wharf here and here. Well that is, if you want to. I'm not going to force you into a history lesson or anything.

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