Friday 27 November 2015

Hazy Mountains

Humidity, part and parcel of living in the tropics. 
It is a parcel I would prefer stayed unwrapped, personally.
We've hit the time of year where the air conditioning goes on at night and we spend half the day deciding whether or not it is hot enough to warrant using it. Actually, what I want to know is, how an earth did people live up here before air con. I know suck it up. You would never think that I lived for years on a cattle station in the dry tropics, where humidity in the lead up to wet season is also a killer, without air con. We only had our trusty pedestal fans to move the hot, sticky air.
I know it isn't summer just yet, but it is certainly around the corner. I've swapped t-shirts for sleeveless shirts most days and dread putting on long pants and shoes for work of an evening. 
What a whinger I am.

Well yesterday afternoon, I wasn't having to put on the dreaded long pants for work, so I went for a bit of a drive. More to get out of the house than anything. Getting out and about and taking photos just makes my world smile. It wasn't too bad of an afternoon with fairly clear skies, air con in the car and humidity blurring everything in the distance.

Today dawned like that too, that hazy look over the city. That is maybe because at 5:30am it was 98% humidity. It is always muggier then but then the temperature is cooler so you don't notice it as much.

Do you know what is the craziest thing about this weather? It was just snowing again in Tasmania. You see we, up in the north aren't the only ones getting some heat. My Grandparents, a few hours from Sydney copped 42 degrees C yesterday and down on the Darling Downs they are getting some rather hot weather too. In fact our temps up here are pretty low really, compared to that anyway. So I really do need to stop whinging.

So, I was saying, I went for a drive.

I was too early for sunset so I decided to find some sugar cane, farm kind of stuff to take photos of. Actually, I never really decided, I was just driving along, I took a random road, saw a nice view and stopped to take a photo.

So sugar cane, mountains, cows and trees it was. I realised then that I miss taking pictures of cattle.Who would have thought you would find all this rural, farm-y goodness only about 1/2 an hour from the middle of the city.

I found a really great spot that looks back across the Gordonvale and Walsh's Pyramid. It is the opposite direction to where I was at the river. Now I think I have covered all four directions from this cool looking mountain.

The haze softened the mountains, making them blend in to the sky and clouds. Very pretty really. The people who live on the other side of the road have an awesome view to wake up to every day.

I could spot the sugar mill, hard at work, which was looking pretty tiny in comparison to the Pyramid.

I could also see lines in the sugar cane. I really do love the lines in crops. It looks like they ran out of cane to plant here, right at the end.

Ugh!! Dinner time! I better go eat so I can head to work so I'll leave this post here and let you enjoy the hazy mountain view in silence.

Have a great weekend!

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Wednesday 25 November 2015

Mooning at the Knob

It has been a while since I have been near a beach here. It was my sunrise routine, but with the sunrise being a lot earlier, I'm not even out of bed then.
This evening I headed to Yorkeys Knob. It is a really good spot to head and there were a fair few people around, walking and swimming. 
I could feel the heavy, hot humidity but there was a nice breeze off the ocean to counter it.
A lovely evening to be on the beach.

The stinger nets are out.

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