Thursday 28 April 2016

Tablelands Touring

So it turns out that this was actually our Easter Monday and the other Easter Monday was the Tuesday. Ah well, what is a day muddle up between friends.
On the real Easter Monday we headed to the Atherton Tablelands. On thing my Stepdad really wanted to check out was the area that Mr Sparky grew up in. Also, being a farmer, I think just checking it all out interested him. It was an area they whizzed through 10years ago so I think he enjoyed checking out some of the pretty places and tourist attractions around the place. Sis G really wanted to go to Millaa Millaa Falls (well any waterfall would have done it), Mum was pretty happy to have a look around the Tablelands again and Bro S, well he was happy to go with the flow and the waterfall swimming idea appealed to him too.

First stop, after heading up the dreaded Gillies Range, was Atherton. We checked out Hallorans Hill lookout to get a great view of the area.

We had thought about stopping here for morning tea but then realised that I didn't pack cups (oops). So off we trotted, into town for a quick stop for some cups and to find another park to sit and eat. By then it was more like 'munch' time (morning tea/ lunch). Yes, I just made that up.

After relaxing with the turtles we hit the road again, headed to Ravenshoe (said Ravens-hoe rather than Raven-shoe). On the way there we passed the Wind Turbines on Windy Hill and being the tease that I am I asked Bro S if he wanted to look at them and then drove straight past. We did end up reassuring him that we'd be back. We only did a drive through of Ravenshoe, up the main street and back.

Then it was time to stop in a Windy Hill. It was a bit of a novelty for me to see the Wind Turbines in the sun rather than the fog and rain and it was just a plain novelty for everyone else to see them up close.

Bro S was particuraly interested, giving the information board a good going over.

The wind turbines are actually surprisingly quiet with not much noise other than the obvious turning through air/ moving air sound. The cattle on the farm they are in quite happily graze beneath them.

Then we were off again, along the Old Palmerston Highway, a windy single lane bitumen road that took us through to Millaa Millaa. It is hard to imagine that not that long ago this was a pretty main road, well it was the main road. 
We stopped in at the cafe in Millaa Millaa for some fish and chips. We were getting pretty short on time by then, I had to work that evening, so we took our fish and chips with us to Millaa Millaa Falls.

Another novelty to see the falls in the afternoon sun. More often than not it is raining when I am in this neck of the woods.

I was a lovely day to be hanging out at a waterfall. Sis G and Bro S were keen on a swim and had been hanging for it all day so this was their chance for a quick dip in the chilly water before we headed back to Cairns. I opted out, not because I didn't want to go in but because we were rather short on time and I knew I'd be cutting it tight to be ready for work in time.

It was a nice day, just I shame I had to work and rush us home. It was okay though because I'd managed to get a few nights off so this was one of the very few rush afternoons.

Happened this week: ANZAC Day

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Monday 25 April 2016

Remembering the ANZACs

 ANZAC Day is one of those all important commemorations that appears on the annual calendar. Prior to ANZAC Day this year, they were going on about the amount of Australians who take part. As one person said, just because people aren't at services doesn't mean they don't take part in ANZAC Day and that many people probably do commemorate in their own way.

This year I yet again missed Dawn Service. This time I did set an alarm but it was not very nice weather out so I opted to go back to sleep instead. Instead I decided to commemorate the day in my own way.

(ANZAC Day last year)

Getting up so late I thought there was nothing wrong with eating ANZAC muffins for breakfast. Not exactly a Gunfire breakfast but tasty all the same.

Usually on ANZAC Day, before or after dawn service a Gunfire breakfast is something to take part in. Often it is a big breakfast of bacon, eggs and all the other bits and pieces. When I still lived down south we joined in after the dawn service and it was put on by the RSL at the pub. The Gunfire part is actually black coffee with rum in it. I believe the history of it is that it was given a dutch courage to soldiers in the morning before a battle.

This afternoon, as my way of commemorating, I decided to head to the monument at the cemetery. I had never been there and what I didn't realise is that there is actually a War Cemetery within the cemetery.

It was peaceful walking there among the old graves and the Cairns War Cemetery itself was a great place for reflection.

I looked at other old grave sites on my wander back to the car. I spotted a few of the other service burials around the cemetery.

I then headed down to the Cairns Esplanade to the Cenotaph. It is across the road from the RSL (Returned Services League). They were certainly busy there.

It was interesting seeing pretty much everyone who walked past stop to look, read, discuss and show their respect. 

Where the Cairns War Cemetery is a resting place for those who served in WWII the Cenotaph list the names of those who served in WWI.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.
Lest We Forget

Laurence Binyon

To me, this reflecting and being thankful for what those have done in the past brings peace. The feelings you have when attending, especially dawn service are indescribable. Whether I go to an ANZAC Service or not I still think on it and commemorate it, even if it is only in my thoughts.

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