Tuesday 29 September 2015

Dirt Roads, Creeks and Flowers

So back here, about a week ago, I mentioned that after visiting the impressive Barron Falls I headed to another spot.
Well here it is, that other spot.
I do like to drag these things out, don't I.

This is Davies Creek and it might surprise you to know that it is in the National Park next door to the one the Barron Falls are in. That whole area is pretty much National Park. Amazing to think that with how different the landscape is.

In fact Davies Creek isn't that far up the road, maybe just half an hour, just let me google map that. Apparently it is 52 minutes or 30.8km but I swear it didn't take that long. Maybe my time perception is off or maybe their google driver was slow.

This place is one I've wanted to visit for a while so the distance to get there didn't really matter. If you recall, I was taking time out from job hunting anyway. By the way, that is still a fruitless exercise, oh well.

The road there was rough, like driving over giant corrugated iron, and I do recall having a little 'sugar, did I miss it' moment along the way when it felt like it was taking forever, as it usually does on a dirt road in need of grading to a place you've never been. Speaking of which, along the way I passed the grader driver and co on their way to start work.

I also recall that on my arrival I did the big 'oh wow' thing and promptly decided I would come again and that it was up there on my new favourite spots list. 
The first thing I came to was a camping area with amenities right on the edge of Davies Creek. In the shadows of the trees leaning over the creek I was mesmerised by to dappled, flowing water. I could have wandered around for ages but with the running water the amenities called to me, that and the fact that I wanted to see a bit more of the area while avoiding sunburn in the nearly midday sun.

So of I went and headed up the hill, in my car of cause. I was a bit naughty and stopped part way where the road was a tad wider to take a shot of the scenery opening up beside me. I took a reasonably safe bet that there wasn't going to be much traffic seeing as it was a week day.

 When I came to the next car park I saw the sign I was looking for, Davies Creek falls. The falls was one direction and a sign for a swimming and picnic area pointed the other with the sign also stating that the circuit was 850m. Not too far at all.

So off I trotted, into the bush.

There was no one else around so it was like it was just me and nature, me in nature. I guess you've probably gotten the point that I do love to hang out in the natural environment a bit.

Even better was that there were still some wildflowers on show.

Before I got to the falls, I headed to the lookout. That view was breathtaking and like anytime I see a view like this I just want to build my house on that spot so I have a fabulous view to get lost in while doing menial things like washing dishes. A pity it is a national park and all. In saying that is it lovely to find gems like this being preserved for us to see.

Along a lot of the highway, on the way to Davies Creek, there had been a high percentage of burning off done so I was afraid I had missed getting pic of all the grevilleas but that was another find at the lookout. I love them in all their stragglyness, I think I always have. They also remind me of my outback driving at the beginning of spring, when they would burst into flower.

Next stop on the circuit was the falls themselves. Railings had been erected in the past so that wandering around the boulder overlooking the falls was so easy, and safe for a clumsy one like me.

The falls were interesting to look at and the multicoloured rocks worn smooth. It must be really impressive in full flow. After seeing lots of waterfalls in lush tropical surrounds it seemed strange to see them in much drier surroundings, such a contrast.

This is now another spot I could just sit and relax and watch but the time of day meant I needed to head out of the sun rather than baking on a rock in it. So I headed back to the path and decided to keep following the circuit. 
I did find a little fellow who wasn't that shy it seemed who was really enjoying sunbaking on the rocks.

It was a pretty easy wander through the trees to the next place, the picnic area and swimming spot.

I want to come back a picnic here. What do you think?

I would have loved a swim but a lack of towel stopped that one.


Then it was time to walk back up to the car park from the creek, to finish the circuit.

There are a few different lookouts and walks in this part of the National Park but some of them sound pretty long and extreme. There is another one here I am tempted to try, apparently it is about a 4 hour round trip but the 6 hour one, I think not. I don't think any view is worth a 6 hour up hill climb, okay so it probably is but I'll pass. I know, I know, where is my sense of adventure.

Then it was time to head home. 

I met the grader and co again along the way, their fix up job was going well and made the road a lot more enjoyable to drive. Just think, I used to drive on roads like that all the time. Just quietly, getting four wheels onto a dirt road is something that I get a little over excited about. I also do enjoy a good drive. Actually, it is hard to believe that is has been a year since this driving trip away, back to my old stomping grounds.

Have you visited any new places that are hidden gems?
Do you have a bit of  thing for dirt roads like me?
Please note, I still haven't washed the car ... oops.

I Must Confess

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Just around the corner ...

Yesterday morning I got my butt out of the house and went for a morning walk. Well, it was more of a wander and rather than heading to the Esplanade or a beach I stayed close to home.

You see the streets around Cairns seem to have all of a sudden been coated in bright colours.
Trees have suddenly burst into flower, showing off in all their glory.

Bottle Brush

And with the profusion of flowers comes the birds.

So basically it was more than time I explored close to home and  to see what was happening around the corner.
I hope you enjoy your wander around the corner with me.

Rainbow Lorikeet - breakfast time in a bottle brush tree.

Bottle brush flower

Pink trumpet tree

Pink Shower Tree

Golden Trumpet Tree


Double-eyed Fig Parrot - my favourite find of the morning because they are so cute and little.

Helmeted Friar Birds

Fig Bird (female)

Fig Bird (male)

Ready to burst into flower.
What is showing the change of season around your place?
Do you wander the streets near your home to see what is changing?