Thursday 20 April 2017

Introducing Liam Charles

There is a little someone we would like you to meet, our little Possum.

He arrived fashionably late but right on time.
 He has daddy's feet and mummy's cheeks and a mash up of so much of the rest of us.
He has captured our hearts and wrapped us around his long fingers.
In two short weeks he has become our everything and what our little world revolves around.
It seems like he has always been here, a part of our family, and we are so pleased that he is.

Liam Charles
born 06/04/2017
weight 3.96kg / 8lb 11.5oz
length 55.5cm
head 35.5cm

Welcome little Liam, to our family. We've been waiting to meet you and we can't wait to watch you change and grow over the years as you become your own little person and then big person. You have so many people who love and adore you already.
We are tired and happy.
Our days disappear in a haze of feeding, sleeping, nappies and just taking in our little man.
We are floating on cloud nine.
We made a person.
We are parents.
We have a son.

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Saturday 1 April 2017

It's a Waiting Game

Waiting ...

Yep, that is what I've been doing ... waiting.

Waiting for a baby to arrive.
Waiting for a cyclone that headed south.

Still waiting for a baby.
Waiting for a house to settle.

And STILL waiting for a baby.
Waiting for my Grandfather's funeral date.

and STILL WAITING for a baby.
Waiting for the seemingly never ending things to finish being found and moved.

and STILL waiting on that baby.
Waiting for doctors and monitoring.


Okay, so I should give this baby some leeway, it was only due today after all. It seems that our little April Fool might not end up being born on April Fools day after all, but then there is still time yet.

In follow up from our other exciting house buying news, it settled on Tuesday and we pretty much entirely moved on Wednesday. We even somehow ended up with beds set up and made to sleep in at the new place. It is soooo nice and soooo much more space. Not to mention that at least now the boxes of stuff are spread out and slowly reducing rather than feeling like they were a fortress being built around us. Now to finish up and to clean our little rental for whoever makes it home next, it was a good home too. I am still holding out hope that by some miracle that they cleaning fairies will come and finish the job for us. Now you would think if anything could bring on a baby it would be moving house and plenty of cleaning but not this baby.


We watched and waited as Tropical Cyclone Debbie headed for the coast. Firstly they thought she would come somewhere up here and then they thought she would head to Townsville, where my sister lives, but TC Debbie had other ideas and ended up playing dot to dot with locations around the Whitsundays and further inland. I am so glad that in the end, despite the damage done, everyone fared okay. It is also good to hear of places getting rain that needed it. Now the wet weather created by her has been playing havoc as the rain heads south. Stay safe people. stay safe.

In sad news, we've been waiting for my Grandfather to die. It doesn't sound very nice put that way but he had gotten very ill a few weeks ago and we knew it was coming, it was just when. Nobody wanted him to go but reality bites sometimes. Unfortunately the world lost another wonderful, kind, thoughtful gentleman this week. It was sad to loose him but we are glad he isn't suffering and that he seemed to go on his own terms. What a life he has lived and what a lot he has seen in his 92 years.

I had a doctors appointment, obstetrician, at the hospital on Thursday this week. We had been hoping that I wouldn't have to attend. Anyway it was thrill waiting on the horrid chairs and a totally uninformative appointment other than that they are happy for me to wait for bub to arrive when it is ready (hang on, I don't want to wait). The best part was that bub thought it would up the ante and put on a show. When the doctor was listening in for its heart beat, the rhythm was a lot too fast for their liking so I got some quality heart beat listening time while they monitored bub. Turns out it was just being active, sneaky little thing. It was a good thing I had company this week, Mum is up waiting with me. I have another appointment on this coming Tuesday, lets cross our fingers I don't need it.

So now I am going back to waiting ... and unpacking.

What are you up to?

Photos thanks to a beach walk at Yorkeys Knob with Mum, on the 28th, the same day that Cyclone Debbie crossed the coast.