Friday 29 August 2014

A Friday Sunrise ... oh and some Quirky

I am keeping the morning thing rolling with some more sunrise action.

This morning saw me put on my joggers and head out for a walk, something I haven't done in too long. I have more recently been slipping on my trusty thongs, driving wherever, which really means the Esplanade, and clicking away. My months and months and months long ingrown toenail is finally mending and without pain so back to shoes and walking I think (plus I've been into far too much chocolate and sweet things since, hmmm Easter, so need to get my butt moving). Actually I think I nearly had that thing, meaning ingrown toenail, on and off for the better part of a year, then I had it cut out, then it was still being naughty and now it has settled down a bit. Oh and while I am still going on and on about my gross toe, it hurt like heck all the time but when they cut it out the pain was gone, as in there was none any more right from the word go, right from when they put that ouchy needle in, that is until it decided to be naughty a couple of weeks later. But you don't really want to know more about that (I am the daughter of a nurse, you can blame her for my ability to not be bothered by the gruesome) so back to the sunrise we go. Isn't it pretty.

Oh and look at that teapot glowing in the morning sun, ahhh. (hehehe, bit quirky hey)

I found a good spot to see the golden sun lighting up the morning. I admired the beauty of it all.

Well that is until I got side tracked ... oooh fluffy, red flower.

Aren't they pretty in the sun.

Oh hang on that is right, sunrise ... that log and weeds look pretty in the sun too.

Aaannnnddd back to the soft, hairy, red flowers.

I hope you've enjoyed a little quirky in your day. Also I hope that you enjoyed your Friday whether it was in a 'wow this is a (insert nice word of choice ie. lovely/ great ) day' way or a 'thank god its Friday' way.

Thursday 28 August 2014

The usual sunrise thing ...

I think this blog is becoming more and more a photo journal, mind you it was always pretty photo involved. There isn't much in the way of stories to tell at the moment, or nothing much that wouldn't put you all to sleep. But what does happen every now and again is that I get to run away with my camera for a few hours. At the moment it is a bit of a sunrise occurrence, why not when I am up and it is so pretty. I would love to throw in some sunsets too but working of an evening scraps that idea. Maybe today ... I'll hold that thought.

I headed down to my current usual place, the Esplanade, to take some sunrise photos. As we are heading out of winter, the sunrise is getting noticeably earlier, making it harder to get to on time. I might have to abandon Mr Sparky early in the mornings if I want to get the sun peaking over the horizon shots now.

Early morning flight, pelicans on the move.

 I was at the same place yesterday and put a photo on Instagram of the seat below (wow I am getting techy now, better put the button on my blog somewhere when I work out how). I also put it on my personal facebook and my mother agrees that this seat would be a great place to sit and watch the world go by. Unfortunately it was a bit wet for that, the seat that is, because obviously the sky is clear. So instead of sitting I photographed the very still and willing posers around, the trees, while trying to avoid the morning runners.

Yesterday my aim was just to get back home after taking some pretty shots but today I wanted to take in some more so I headed further down the Esplanade. I found a better seat, well not really a seat but it made a good one, and I sat swinging my legs on the edge of the Esplanade board walk.

Almost looks like I am sitting on the sand.

It had a pretty good view too.

Bit blurry, flying birds are something I have yet to master.
 I didn't sit for long though, pelicans had caught my eye and there were not only a couple close by but a nice flock of them further down the Esplanade so I wandered down to them.

That is after I stopped and took 50 million photos along the way and had to clear some space on my camera. Note to self: after copying photos to computer delete off camera.

I did get to that mob of pelicans eventually. Probably would have been faster if I had half the enthusiasm for morning exercise that the other Esplanade goers had. Mind you there is just something about getting out and about in the earlier hours that rejuvenates me or help prepare me for the day, that is until the lack of sleep kicks in and I want to crawl back to bed.

Oh and did I mention I also saw a crocodile?

Oh I meant to say a crocodile artwork.

'Charter boat? What charter boat?' Too busy sleeping.

That croc wasn't annoying to locals one bit.

As I said there were millions more photos (slight exaggeration) but I thought that was enough for now. Oh and look I managed to spin a tale too.

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Tap Dancing Seagulls

Tap dancing seagulls, 'what?!' you say. 
Well this morning, while I was down on the Esplanade, that is what I saw.

Okay so maybe I added a little imagination but there they were, tapping their feet up and down in the shallow water. It even sounded like tap dancing ... tap, tap, tap, taptaptaptap, tappity, tap, tap ... tap.

What are you looking at?

While tapping they also looked like they were very vain dancers, watching their reflection, checking how they looked.

What they were really doing is watching for that tasty morsel of whatever it was they were eating to come into view as they disturbed it from the mud.

Well I have to say I am looking good today!

Still tap dancing I say. 
Here is their preformance in all its glory for you to see.
Please excuse my crappy video quality.

Tap, tap, tap, taptaptaptap, tappity, tap.
What do you think?

 I'd never seen them do this before, but well, now I have.

Yummy ... thing

 I hope you have a tappy, dancey, smiley kind of day. Let your imagination free.