Sunday 25 May 2014

Jojo the Entertainer

Now I have shared Cockatoos and in particular Jojo the Cockatoo from the Wildlife Dome a few times (maybe a few too many). On my last trip to the Dome a couple of weeks ago Jojo was in fine form, preforming for us, playing and just plain showing off.

He even did some dancing for us much to everyone's entertainment.

Sometimes he is in an utterly foul mood and spends his time telling everyone off, trying to bite if you touch and digging holes but often food and fooling around can change this and will capture his interest in a more positive way. 

Well obviously us playing around with food worked and he was on a role, even showing off his wings on command. I think below is an awesome caption photo. What would you caption it?

On the other hand here are some of his wild relatives hanging around the corner from our place.

I love hearing them around in the morning and some evenings and never get sick of watching them.

They certainly are smart and inquisitive AND know where the food is.

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