Wednesday 22 March 2017

Bats, Fish and more big announcements

Lots has been happening in these parts, yet nothing much has been happening as well.

I've finished up at work with my night work finishing a couple of weeks ago, a month before bub's due date. Who'd have thought I would be able to go back to normal sleep patterns so quickly and it is amazing how good it is to not feel like I am dragging my body around every day. 

Crazy me also managed to fit in one last shift at daycare, meaning I officially worked up until 38weeks! Who does that to themselves? I was so glad to go to work that Friday. It is amazing how much of the social part of my life comes from work. Okay, so maybe it really isn't that amazing considering how often I was at work. I'll have to look into other ways of getting my social butterfly on.

I do have big news though ... sorry to those on baby watch, I am still in one piece.

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Although, I would be quite happy for bub so come any time now.

We bought a house! It settles the beginning of next week so after then we will be firing on all cylinders to move in. Another of those 'who does that to themselves?' moments, I am sure. Who chooses to pack and move house in their 39th + week of pregnancy? Well we do, apparently. We seem to like to do everything at once. It is a bit of a race to see what happens first, baby or house. So this means you will be seeing tropical goodness from these parts for a while yet, because we are staying in the area for a bit longer.

Mum has come to visit and help with all the craziness happening around here. It is certainly appreciated, and so is the company. Hopefully this bub arrives sooner rather than later so she doesn't have to wait around too long and gets plenty of Granny time Come to think of it, I'm not too sure how well I am going to do this waiting thing. Patience is a virtue, isn't that what they say. No one tells you though, how hard it can be to switch off 'work' mode, no matter how ready you are not to be going. In saying that I still have a pram and car seat to find and hospital bag to pack, not to mention the crafty baby stuff that there are plans for so that should keep me going for a bit. Nothing like procrastinating though, I am world class at it I can tell you, ask my mother. Speaking of which, Mum is probably going to be so sick of my chatterbox ways soon, I am obviously not used to having others in the house.

So as I said, in some ways lots has been happening and in some way nothing much at all. Now to just keep myself occupied but not overly busy until bub decides to come. That won't be hard really with the packing and crafting. I just need to give myself permission to settle into things rather than flitting around the house and not settling on any one thing. I need to enjoy this time, I will enjoy this time ... okay, so not so much the packing part.

I have managed to get out and about for some sunrise and sunset a little bit over the last few weeks. I hopefully get to do a bit more of that now. Not having to get ready for work has given me that time. Although this morning when I was up anyway, I just didn't go. Ahh, maybe tomorrow, maybe not ... no pressure.

 These photos are from sunset down at the Lagoon and marina last week. I crossed everything that the sky would be pretty, and it was. It has been pretty much clear for the last few weeks, very un wet season like weather. There has been plenty of uncomfortable humidity but not so much in the way of rain. They are talking about the slight possibility of a cyclone at the end of this month but no one is pinning any hopes on it happening. We've had a surprising lack of them this year.

I also thought, when out enjoying the sunset, it would be cool to try for the bats flying over the fish again, as both are such an icon.

I'll have to be more organised or find some new sunrise and sunset spots once we move. But then I guess my ability to get out and about might depend a fair bit on how baby is as well.

I can't wait until bub is born and I know whether it is a he or she so I can call it by name or he or she rather than 'it, bub, the baby, etc'.  Being an 'it' doesn't seem very nice and then brings to mind Cousin It and that really is a bit too much hair for a baby to handle. But then again, what is that old wives tale about heart burn/ indigestion and babies having lots of hair. If my reliance on quick ease is anything to go by then this bub could have a very full head of hair.

I dare say life is about to change in so many ways, for the better I am sure. I'm trying not to have any expectations about how anything will go and to go with the flow. I figure I will deal better with what I can't control that way, or that is the idea.

So now for waiting, waiting, waiting and hopefully while I do that some more photo taking and plain old relaxing. 

Anything happening in your neck of the woods?
Any big announcements?