Saturday 27 August 2016

Back in the 'Ville: Jazzine Barracks

My current personal facebook status reads this ...
Someone left us a present yesterday, some used thongs (footwear kind of cause). They also took themselves a little gift, my thongs. Pair for a pair, I guess that is fair. I hope my considerably smaller thongs (and that is saying a lot when you look at the size of my feet) squash your toes and give you enormous blisters. Oh, and I hope you get girl germs on your enormous man feet.

Other than a bit of disbelief I kind of thought it was funny. Mr Sparky, not so much. For further information my thongs are, were, a little more solid than the average ones being a solid piece rather than the normal strap kind of style. They were not pretty at all but they stopped me losing grip in the rain. My feet also tend to be a size 11/12 women's (au) or men's 9/10, and yes I do often wear men's shoes ... like a lot. Not small at all.
And that my friends, is the extent of the excitement around here this week. 

So back to Townsville photos. 
Obviously I haven't been out to take any photos this week to distract me from the little holiday I had.
Hopefully that changes today.

One evening we walked to Jezzine Barracks or Kissing Point. This was previously closed to the public but they did a great job doing up the area a few years ago.

 I've been up there a few times now and absolutely love it.

Being winter, the wattle was in flower. Yet another thing I love.  That sickly sweet, purely wattle smell.

We might have pretty much missed the sunset but we certainly didn't miss the view.

You can see over the Rock Pool and towards the port.

The view across the Magnetic Island is amazing and you can see the coast trailing further along.

And of cause I can't forget the view of Castle Hill, an icon of the region. How could it not be an icon, plonked in the middle of the city like that. Yes, I am aware that the 'hill' came first.

So what do we get from this post ... my life isn't that exciting at the moment, but that is okay ... my camera could do with a workout ... I like lookouts and sunsets.

Have you been busy, busy recently? Work getting in the way of living (or whatever that saying is)?

I hope you have a great weekend! 
I'm going to thoroughly enjoy my weekend off, even if nothing much happens with it.
I know next week is going to be a big one.

Monday 22 August 2016

Crystal Waters and Happy Mangoes

So while down in Townsville, although we pretty much just stuck to the place we were staying on The Strand (who wouldn't), we did head off for a bit of site seeing.

On the Friday Sis G had wrangled a day off work and took us out to Crystal Creek.

We only went to Big Crystal Creek, there is Small Crystal Creek as well. 
It is about now that I must confess that despite how often I have been to Townsville in the past, I'd never actually made it to these gems of places. I actually don't think I realised they existed. Obviously I didn't research that well. I was too busy going for other reasons, like to see a certain Mr Sparky.

We had worn the appropriate clothing and brought the towels as well.
It seems we weren't the only ones who had the same idea on that warm winter day.

I just couldn't get over how clear the water was ... you certainly wouldn't want to be skinny dipping.

Of cause when we arrived we had to do the photo taking. What you can't see is that on the edge of every photo is people or evidence of people. I wonder how many people hang here in Summer?

We were itching to get in but were feeling a little chicken, knowing what fresh water temps are usually like.  We were assured by an elderly gent who passed us on his way out that is wasn't cold, like he thought it would be ... beautiful in fact.

So after hanging in the sun far too long, and wanting to get in before, well before the end of the year, we all got ready to brave that lovely clear looking water.

Well, truthfully, I acted chicken a little longer, covering it with photo taking.

By the way, that gent lied. It was chilly to say the least. Where was he from anyway, Antarctica?

Bro S

I am sure we entertained other with our stalling tactics and teasing, actually I know we did from the smiles on the faces of the people on the rocks beside where we were attempting to get in gracefully and not fall flat on our faces ... or butts on the slippery rocks.

Sis G and Bro S

It was lovely though, once you were wet and sitting on a rock in the sun ... refreshing even.

By the time we got back to the car we could have even gone for another dip.

Now next stop, and pretty close by, was to say hi to a giant grinning mango.

Not really, we were there for the ice-cream but the giant mango outside the Frosty Mango did see us having a bit of photo and selfie fun.

G and Bro S

Mum and Bro S

For someone who didn't want to (not feeling 100%), Bro S certainly got in on the fun.

One had the bow tie and the other the mustache, how classy.

Do you get up to a lot of tom foolery with family?
We certainly do!
Would you brave the chilly waters on a not chilly at all winter day? 

 Grab button for one mother hen

I Must Confess

Thursday 18 August 2016

Winter Evening

Today, I came home from work (daycare) with snot, tears and who knows what else smeared into my shirt. Clothes and myself washed means I am feeling a lot more human and a lot less sticky and sandy. I am relaxing and thinking back to time with family with the Olympics on T.V. in the background. How awesomely talented are those athletes.

So, last week while I was chillaxing with family in Townsville, we went on many an walk, particularly in the evening. Definitely not Olympic quality walking but certainly relaxing with gorgeous views.
Since I've been back I've had grey days which are making me dream of the gorgeous days of last week. I have been slaving away working though so I am kind of glad the weather isn't making me envious of time that I could be out taking photos.

These photos were from our second evening, so we had a few more to enjoy together.

The perfect, tropical (technically dry tropics) winter evening.
Do you enjoy an evening walk?

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Catch up

Things have been a little crazy busy around here. Our house looks like a bomb exploded and here I am sitting and debating about what lot of photos to put up on the blog. 

I just answered the door to a parcel delivery man and wished I'd put those clothes away hanging on the staircase and the bags on the floor back in the car. Lets not talk about the pile of electrical gear that has taken up residence, practically on the kitchen floor. It was only after he left that I realised I hadn't done my hair yet this morning either.

Mr Sparky has gotten his Electrical Contractors Licence. I can't believe how fast that year since finishing his apprenticeship has gone. He is starting up a business on the side, for now, until he finds his feet. What that is really code for is 'WE' are apparently starting up a business and I am supposed to somehow know how it all works. Why can't they make this simple? All this when it is raining down work for me and I have no time to do much. Well except for now, I'm free now.

We have welcomed a new member to the family. My announcement of it being about time we welcomed a new member to the family might have caused some excitement, briefly, with relatives however it wasn't the kind of member they were hoping for.

Luxy has joined the crew with the life of a worker ahead of her. She has already been off on a camping adventure with us, while she was still able to.
The Jetty, Cardwell

Those following along in Instagram would already know that I've been away for a few days but for those that don't ... I've been away for a few days. 
I headed a little further south and hung out with family in Townsville for 5 days. 
On the trip down my only stop, other than grabbing a quick lunch, was Cardwell.


5 days away with family and beach front and mountain views, how could I pass that up.

Castle Hill, Townsville

Family had come up for Sis G's birthday and I organised to go down. She has finally, scarily, hit the last of the years with teen in them. 

Magnetic Island in the distance, Townsville

It was so nice to have the time with them and some time to recharge. 

What has been happening in your neck of the woods? 
Have things been crazy busy at your place?

I Must Confess

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