Thursday 27 February 2014

Welcome Swallow

The other week we had our regular farewell BBQ for the students down at the wharf. After a couple of weeks of rain it amazingly fined up just on the day we needed it to. It is always pretty quiet down there and there are always birds whether they are seagulls, sparrows, pigeons, cormorants or the swallows. Now the swallows are always flitting around and very hard to get a photo of. I'm not that good with fast moving subjects. These I believe these cute little fellows are Welcome Swallows and this one happened to be sitting fairly still on one of the pylons for long enough to get a few snaps.

This is a very dainty looking bird and always seems to come across as being a happy bird.

This one I think is a very clean and healthy bird. That is mostly what it was doing, preening.

It was also having good look around at what was happening around the wharf.

I only noticed later when I was looking at these photos that the feathers on its wing are a very blue black colour.

Monday 24 February 2014

Froggy Playground

In our garden I have planted some rosella bushes. The wet weather combined with times of sun has made them grow and grow and grow. They have always been a good place to find some tiny froggy friends and with the wet it seems they have become home to a whole new generation of little frogs that are getting bigger and greener by the day. It has become the froggy playground.

The grown ups are a small bright green frog no bigger than the top section of my thumb.

The younger frogs are a lot lighter in colour, a see through kind of olive colour.

But I have noticed they are getting less see through looking and a lot greener looking as the days go by.

It is possible I have two different breeds of frog hanging out together but the lighter ones are definitely younger. Either way they are enjoying the rain and the rosella bush playground.

Thursday 20 February 2014

Brief Beach Time

Ahh, the beach, to me it just says, relax, holiday, swimming, walking, eating, sleeping, reading and family holiday. After some thought I realised that other than a similar quick trip last year I haven't been on the annual beach holiday at a beach (obviously), a real beach, for a few years. In September 2011 I was at this beach for a blissful week and last year we dropped by for fish and chips before a Keith Urban concert. Did you notice the 'real beach' comment, well sorry but unless it has waves it isn't a beach, just a giant, natural, salt water pool. Not to mention we the problem in the north with stingers (jelly fish) during this time of year.

This was Mr Sparky's first time to a beach that far south, his first time at a real beach. Other than his obvious boredom, exhibited by teasing the crap out of everyone, I think he enjoyed our brief two night stay. Well I did. One thing that is a must, other than swimming and eating fish and chips, is beach walking. Well we checked all those boxes. On our first evening we nicked of for a walk along the beach.

It was pretty, peaceful and pretty light on people.

We walked along the rocks, peering into the rock pools rather than using the board walk.

I remember when there was no nice board walk and going across the rocks was the only way to get between the beaches without leaving the coastline.

After years of wear from the water and weather some of the rocks have very interesting formations, cracks and shapes. Some parts even look a bit other worldly.

It was such a nice evening and also must have been great conditions for kite surfing because they were out in force looking super special in the golden light.

It looks fun but I am very sure I am completely too uncoordinated for a sport like that, and balance well that I don't have much of either.

There were a few others around enjoying the low tide access to the rocks and the peaceful afternoon view.

There was even someone fishing who when I saw them on our way back was trying out using a net.

I hope you are feeling very relaxed now. I am just looking at these pictures and wishing I was still there or could just pop on down for the rest of the week.

What kind of holiday relaxes you?
Do you have a partner or fellow holidayer that isn't good at relaxing on a holiday?

Wednesday 19 February 2014

A Rainbow For Your Day

These were not the best captures but about a fortnight ago, when we were starting to think about heading North again, we gate crashed my Grandparent's beach holiday at Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast and I got clicking. I love the beach and have missed these holidays. Something familiar I saw were Rainbow Lorikeets hanging out in the trees on the beach front. I have never seen or heard so many in this area. Maybe they have moved to where there is more food or maybe it was timing. Back home, I have heard these birds everywhere and occasionally see them in flight but I am blowed if I can find them as conveniently as when they were feast around the corner a few months ago.

I hope these beautiful birds have brightened your day just a little, lent it a bit of a rainbow hew with the hope of a pot of gold somewhere around.

Monday 17 February 2014

The News

I have some news I have neglected to share.
It doesn't involve flowers but rather a sandwich maker box.
It doesn't involve a bended knee but it does have a ring.
It was just like him, simple with humour, it was just like me, no fuss.
Mr Sparky and I got engaged over Christmas.
It was/ is exciting, bubbling with happiness, filled with hope and expectation but really no different to before, well, except for a ring.
We are happy.

I finally got my ring back just before we headed south so I was armed with what family wanted to see, that is other than out happiness. I then took some photos while there because I couldn't help myself. I think Mr Sparky is still shaking his head.

We of cause did the message and ring around to share the news, not straight away, but we did. I liked having our little secret for a little while. Everyone always has the same questions after the excited congratulations and they involve the wedding ... when? where? My answer is not sure yet, soonish. When I couldn't reply to one work mate he kept going with the most original question yet, "okay so do you know the colours then?" That one was fairly safe to answer, blue, I think as we both like it. This is the same work mate who 'high fived' and said "welcome to the other side" (or something like that). He is a classic that is for sure.

Life here is carrying on as normal, well except for my growing wedding Pinterest board filled with countryfied wedding ideas.

Saturday 15 February 2014

Drip, drip, dripping

Well it is wet season in the North of Queensland, well make that Australia, and we returned from coolish, humidity free holidays at The Family Farm to be greeted by rain, an over grown garden, humidity and soggy mail. Mr Sparky and I were both straight back into work. 

I had Nova this week, a great place to be when the weather is wet and changing all the time. On Wednesday we headed to the Botanic Gardens armed with umbrellas and doused in insect repellent, maybe not the smartest idea but you can't change the weather (or the local insect life) and well that is what happens during wet season, out come the umbrellas and life goes on. Our students were great sports going along with the adventure.

By the time we returned from the Gardens some blue was trying to peek through and lighten the day.

Days in Cairns are staying around the 30 degreeC mark with high humidity and showers most days.

I just hope the cyclone activity and rain here means that others who need rain have it coming their way.