Tuesday 31 October 2017

6 Months!

How it has flown.

So fast in fact that we've nearly made it to 7 months.

I have to say, I've found things rather challenging over the last few months but I dare say our little Mr has too. He seems permanently frustrated with what he can't do, most of all with his lack of ability to move around the floor. It will come my boy, it will come.

Our not so little possum (sorry, but I think you are more of a wombat) has tipped the scales at 10.5kg and even though he measured 68.6cm I swear he is growing longer every day. He has almost grown out of 0 clothes, this up-sizing clothing business seems never ending. It is hard to wrap my mind around the fact that just over 6 months ago, he was on the inside.

So my little wombat ...
We've learned so much about you and yet we are still clueless. Sometimes we wish for the days when you will be able to tell us what is going on in that head of yours yet it is hard to see the days slipping past as you change all the time. You've spent a lot of the last couple of months frustrated or upset or crying or screaming about something or other but it hasn't been all bad.

You love the outdoors, water and food in no particular order. Ok so that is a lie, food is always top of the list.
You love your Mummy and Daddy and really don't like it when Mummy is out of sight, or even a few steps away. Sorry Daddy, but I think Mummy is at the top of the list too, but then that probably circles back to food.  

You've still got just two teeth but I swear you have pretty much been teething for the two months since you got your first teeth. Everything goes in your mouth. You've given biting Mummy a go while having booby but that didn't last long. I feel you will know the word NO well as you grow up. You've been eating a meal of solids, most days, for the last two months. Your favourites are puree apple and puree sweet potato. You still wake one or more times most nights and want fed back to sleep. You love your 3 day sleeps, about 1-1.5hrs each.

You are becoming a well traveled babe. You've been camping a couple of times and flown south to visit family as well as visiting friends and family on the Tablelands. You've added another place to the list of where you've been, Townsville and Magnetic Island. You had many more new experiences while there like going on a boat, swimming at the beach and watching fish at the aquarium. You also got to see some family while there. It was amazing that you remembered your Granny, Aunt and Uncle when you saw them. You loved playing with them, helping Granny crochet and having cuddles. Since then anyone wearing glasses is familiar (even strangers) because you think they are Granny or Uncle S.

For the most part you happily socialise with others, smiling at people in the shops, playing at 'move baby move' and having cuddles with anyone who will give them, just as long as mummy is in sight. I am pretty sure the Mums and babies at our little mothers group are considered familiar to you and that you like seeing them, or maybe you just like going out. You've know these people, who we met at community health, for so much of your young life and Mummy loves catching up with them and the safe place they are to share things. They have become our village.

You've pretty much mastered sitting and prefer to do that rather than lay on the floor. You are trying to move using your hands and knees and you spend a lot of time rocking. We can see the frustration and the uh-huh moments. Sometimes you've got it and sometimes you seem to have forgotten.
You love hitting everything, maybe to see how it sounds or feels. You are also a big sticky beak, wanting to look at everything with that inquisitive stare you have. Exploring every little bit of your world is top of your to do list.

You chuck tantrums when things aren't going your way like when you go in the pram or when a toy (or Mum's camera strap) won't do what you want. You are fascinated by mouths and hair, Mummy's hair is so fun when it moves all over the place when she shakes it. The jolly jumper is one of your favourite places to play ... you bounce, bounce, bounce. You love music with a definite beat and sing along in the car. You also have started humming to put yourself to sleep. You also love your weekly swimming lessons, getting excited when you know where we are going. It is no surprise considering how much you love bath time, your favourite time of the day. You also love squealing and laughing at the baby in the mirror when you have a bath.

We love seeing your eyes sparkle, seeing you smile and listening to you giggle.
You have grown and changed so much over the last 6months and I know the next 6 will seeing you changing and learning so much more.