Tuesday 29 January 2013

The End of the Flooding Rains

28th Jan 2012


We had a total of 189.5mls which was paltry in comparison to the giant falls in other areas.

I know that many experienced or are experiencing losses and hardship and my thoughts and prayers are with them. I know some areas are still waiting for waters to receded while others are waiting for them to arrive. I hope that people stay safe.
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Flooding Rains - Up the Paddock Walk

On Sunday evening we traipsed back up the paddock again (well again for me, first time for everyone else).

There was still water running everywhere but it had gone down since earlier in the day.

Down enough to see the rocks in the dam overflow and to watch the water go over a mini waterfall into the dam.

Down enough that I wandered through where it had earlier been rushing between dams.


We walked through the very edge of the slushy bottomed 2nd dam to check out the top dam and beyond.

The 2nd dam was certainly full.

Sis G danced in the puddles along the way.

The water flowing between the dams and the paddocks was barely there now. Yes the fence was already like that.

We found the little group of waterfalls coming out of the paddock that made great water slides last time we had rain like this at the beginning of 2011.

We admired the watery view across the paddocks.

We looked at all the dams grouped together, their water reflecting the grey skies.
Below is left to right the top dam, the 2nd dam, the 3rd dam and at the back is the bottom dam.

And finally what would a wander up the paddock be with a little camera fooling.

Flooding Rains - Road Walk

Here are some photos of what it looked like taking a walk down our road when the rain had eased off on Sunday afternoon.

If you are completely over looking at water pics now is when you skip a post or two.

Tracks of water heading down the road.

The neighbours dam, which our dams run into when overflowing.

A bit of water damage.
Checking out the waterfall coming out of the neighbours dam.
Water running our of the neighbour's dam towards the road.
Rushing waterfall.
Rushing water.
Water coming through the fence.
The water on the opposite side of the road heading for the next dam.
Wetting the toes just a little.
Puddle on the road.
Water coming though to go under the road. It was going over at one point.
The dam across the road.
The cascading falls into the dam across the road



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