Friday, 19 June 2015

Ribbons in the Sky

This had to be one of the best sunrises I had seen in a while. It was the clouds that made it.

Maybe it was the country air that made it too.

The wide open spaces might have done it too, well once I got past the cattle yards, sheds and chook pen.

The ribbons of cloud opposite where the sun was yet to rise were very bright.

The clouds closer to the east were pretty dramatic looking.

A beautiful and not so cold morning to wander the farm.

Every morning, okay I'll admit it all but one, I was awake before the sun while away visiting family.

I would sneak, not so sneakily, out of the house. Old houses have this habit of being very creaky, especially in the morning, or middle of the night.

With my best camera friend I would explore the sky and ground and anything else that caught my eye. Really it was more the sky I was after, or the ground but only when it was frosty.

On holidays for two weeks and up before the crack of dawn all the time, crazy hey.

Actually, other than of cause visiting family and baby cuddles it was this that was top of my 'to do' list.

Just relaxing in the early morning watching the wonder of dawn.

And no, I didn't set an alarm. You could say this is my natural body clock alarm time. 

Although while up north, with night work, I really wish it wasn't.

Well, except for the sunrise part.

 Do you like to rise with the sun on your holidays?
Or maybe you are more of a sleep or snuggle in bed type.

Actually, I am a bit of both.

I would love to rise before the sun and then go back to bed and read for a while, maybe just half a day would do it.

Busy family life on the farm means that doesn't happen.

But really I enjoy the busy part of it all too.

And all the company.

And did I mention baby cuddles?

I really didn't want to come home at the end of my two week stay, like really, really, really.

Arriving home to a sickish Mr Sparky, that was a highlight.

But now I am kind of glad to be home. Well glad to be hanging out with Mr Sparky when I'm not at work.

Looking back at these photos though I just have one question.

Can I go on holidays again?

Just one permanent year long holiday should do it. That repeats year after year after year.

Okay, so I would miss working a bit so maybe the holiday work ratio thing in reverse ... provision for four weeks work a year and the rest holidays.

But then I guess I'd never be able to afford holidays.

Anyone want to shout me?

I guess not.

I guess I'll just continue to try and catch the sunrise whenever I can so I get that relaxed, carefree start to the day.

It is kind of my shot of caffeine to start the day.

What gets you going in the morning?

What would you do if someone shouted you a year long holiday? Or maybe a life long one?

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