Monday, 24 August 2015

Rainforest Relaxing

I am taking a deep breath ready to dive into another turbulent week.
Another repeat of the mammoth week, although with one less day of work but instead with stocktake and an associating 'til midnight shift. 
Deep breath ...

Do you have a huge week coming up?
Well, here is a nice rainforest walk to help you relax, with waterfalls included.
If you have music that matches feel free to play that waterfall and bird call sound track while you look around Stoney Creek with me. If you don't have the music, use your imagination.
By the way, other than some uphill over rocks for a short bit and some wandering around beside the creek, there is no strenuous activity involved so you don't have to imagine a huffing puffing walk but rather time sitting on a rock jutting into a trickling creek, with maybe a fairy or two hiding in the ferns and some water nymphs hanging out behind the gently falling water and floating on the still, reflective water.

Need some more rainforest relaxing to get you through the week?
Try checking out my last visit to Stoney Creek.


  1. A good walk does wonders for the mind! That looks like a wonderful walk.

    1. @Buckeroomama ... Yes, it does. It must be all those happy exercise endorphins but just getting outside in the fresh are clears the cobwebs. It is a nice, quiet spot.

  2. You know what, that was so relaxing. It looks like where I need to be now! What an awesome spot :)

    1. @Alicia ... I am glad you found it relaxing and I hope you find a nice quiet place to relax too. It is a bit of a hidden gem, so quiet on the edge of the city.


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